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Photographer's Digital Workflow

Simple steps to enhancing and improving your digital images

Thomas Juran

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Photographer's Digital Workflow

Digital Photographer's Workflow
Improve your digital images and prepare them for output
Save a copy
Never edit your original
Always use non-destructive editing techniques
Back up your work!
Check resolution/image size
Duplicate background layer
Repair Exposure flaws
Adjust color
Retouch when appropriate
Apply effects when appropriate
Save for output
Resolution dictates quality of image
Resolution can affect the speed of a web page or presentation
Resolution is IMPORTANT
Measured in DPI and PPI
72 for web/mobile devices
300 for print
Photoshop - Image/Image Size
Always keep an original layer intact
Lock and hide this background layer
Use for reference (before/after) or for cloning
Not all photos should be rectangles
The world is NOT horizontal
Crop closley for impact
Eliminate mergers
Consider output (Monitor? Print?)
Correct exposure issues
Levels and curves (tonal range)
Burning and dodging
Bring up detail
Correctly or artistically?
Correct white balance issues. Are your whites white?
Skin tones?
Be creative but avoid the second grade "Powerpoint Syndrome!"
News or Art?
Historical news photos may NOT be retouched beyond darkroom basics
Art/creative images - only limited by your imagination!
black and white
Print (>180, 300 pref.)
Web (typically 72)
Video (Standard or HD?)
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