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fianl obeah presentation

No description

Harleen Deol

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of fianl obeah presentation

Obeah 1.Creation of Antoinette Identity
2.Apparent Source of Power
3.Destruction of Antoinette's Identity Definition West Indies (relation to
White and dark Obeah magic
Good vs bad
Relation to voodoo
Use literal and metaphorical Creation of Antoinette's Identity Introduction of Christophine
Black West Indian culture
Antoinette and her mother relationship
Apparent Source of Power Christophine power
and advice
Love potion verus sleeping potion Love:Power
Sleep: Misery/Weakness
Apparent Power
-"there is no love,she's only
a stranger to me."(56)
-Relies on Obeah (not personal
-Is actually being controlled
-Sleep Potion-"... this will
keep her from walking into
her misery (105) Superstitions Parrot Coco
Shamrock Destruction of Antionette's Identity -"I will die if you tell me to." "Die then! Die!"I watched her die amny times, but in my own way. (55)
-"I drew the sheet over her as if I was covering a dead person." (88)
-Becomes a Marionette of Rochester's Sleeping in the moonlight END
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