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No description

Lucas Bryssinck

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of IRELAND

Long Road to Peace

The Irish Republican Army (IRA)
Split in two fractions
The Provisional IRA (PIRA) and
The Official RIA

-Main interest: Northern Ireland without U.K influence

Sinn Féin
The main objective of Sinn Féin is :
Sinn Féin today
Historical facts
Sinn Fain was founded 1905
Sinn Féin = untied Ireland
Violent movement
internal reform
The politicians
Sinn Féin
Sinn Féin "We ourselfes!"
To unite the different

counties of northern
Ireland with The entire
territory of the Republic of Ireland.

"An Phoblacht"
political wing of the IRA
the second-strongest force in the parlament.
ultra national
Gerry Adams ...
established in 1905
joining the
European Union
Good Friday Agreement

- a market with more than 300 million potential customers

- 700.000 new Irish jobs were created

- agricultural subventions worth around 40 billion Euros since 1973

- direct investments increased instantly from 16 to 30 millions
The IRA is a Paramilitary group which mostly operates in Ireland
and the U.K

-They killed around 3700 and injured hundreds of civilians, police officers and british soldiers

-First ceasefire in 1994 'til 1996

Because of the Good Friday Agreement the ceasefire continued in 1997.
(Connections to Sinn Féin)

The provisional IRA was drained in 2005, but the continuity RIA keeps on terrorizing Ireland.

mortar attack- Mörserangriff
to get injured- verletzt werden
facilities - Einrichtungen
negotiations- Verhandlungen
to confirm- bestätigen
"They have nothing in their
imperial arsenal that can break
the spirit of one Irishman who
doesn't want to be broken."
- Bobby Sands
mortar attack- Mörserangriff
to get injured- verletzt werden
facilities - Einrichtungen
negotiations- Verhandlungen
to confirm- bestätigen
Through the help of the EU Ireland found to new political strength:
Huge step to a peaceful relationship
Signed in 1998 on 10 April
-they joined in
after they were
rejected prior in
the NATO wasn't pleased with
their Ideologies
Seats in Irish/Northern Ir.:

Republic of Ireland Lower House,
2011: 14/166

Republic of Irland Senate,
2011: 3/60

UK, Lower House,
2015: 4/650

Northern Ireland Assembly,
2011: 29/108
Leader: Gerry Adams
Censored IRA affiliated terrorists/seperatists
Irish paramilitary group

on its heights around 1200 active members

now around 120 active members

split in two major fractions:
the PIRA
the official IRA
The Number of all IRA related Killings after 1921:

Sinn Fein

to unite

accused to be connected to IRA
Three main "Strands"
Status of Northern Ireland
Relationship between
Three Institutes where created
-North/South Council
-North/South Inter-Parliamentary Association
-North/South Consulative Forum
Northern Ireland remain a part of UK
They got an own Assembly and and
an own Executive
Relationship between Ireland
and the UK
Strand 3 dealt with the issues between the
UK and the Republic of Ireland
Too Institutes were created here:
-British-Irish Council
-British-Irish Intergovermental Conference
All paramillitary groups accepted the ceasefire
The Referendum
All Houses in Ireland get a copy from the Agreement before.
Take place on 22. May 1998.
In the North: 71.1% with yes.
In the South 94.4% with yes.
Ireland joins the EU
Ireland joined the EU in 1973
It was a long path:..

Other EU members thought that Ireland was too weak to join the EU

Also the restricted Irish economy didnt fit to the free economy of the EU

But then:

Ireland became a strong country with help of the EU

-700.000 new jobs were created

-Foreign investments increase from 16 billion to more than 30 billion euros

-More political peace in Northern Ireland
The Good Friday Agreement
10. April 1998

3 main parts

-political status of Northern Ireland

-relations between N. Ireland and the R. of Ireland

-relations between the UK and R. of Ireland

Ceasefire accepted by the IRA and similar groups

( 22. May 1998)
widely accepted
71% for it in N. Ireland
94% for it in R. of Ireland
The 1980's
Chernobyl accident
The Wall in Berlin broke up
The 1990's
Reunfication in Germany
Lady Diana died
Kosovo War
Fall of the Soviet Union
The 2000's
Terror attacks against the Twin Towers
The Euro is the new currency
The low cost airline RYANAIR was founded
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