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Broncos Team

No description

laura cespedes marulanda

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Broncos Team

Do you like football?
What is your favorite team?
What is your favorite player?
Have you ever been at a Broncos game before?
What did you feel when you realized that the broncos were playing at super bowl?
Thank you so much
Broncos team
Small introduction about the native interviewed.
Robert Rutledge is from kentuchy.
He is 30 years old and is a personal trainer.
He was in United States Army seven years.
Current event: Broncos Team
American Speaker's name: Robert Rutledge
Broncos Team
What did you feel when they won?
what do you think about the way they are playing this season?
Do you think that the broncos will make it all the way to the final?
If you got the chance, would you be part of the team as a player?
What things would you change of it to make it better?
Broncos Team
Broncos began play as a member of American Football league in 1960 and in the NFL in 1970.

Broncos has won tree super bowl championships and it has tree players in the american profesional football fame.

the principal rivals are: Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots

Best season 2013-2014
Speaker native
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