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Vietnam war

No description

Christian D

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Vietnam war

Setting the Stage
Events That Lead Up To The War/ Causes
The Vietnam War was started in 1955 when France was driven out
of Vietnam during WWII.
French colonize in Vietnam. This makes Vietnam want freedom
Key Players
The Japanese were also invading Vietnam
Causes for the conflict
Bao Dai - The last emperor of Vietnam
The damages of Vietnam were pretty harsh. For the people that did live through all the bombings, air raids and pesticide spraying their crops, homes, and most likely all of their belongings were destroyed.
They made a peace treaty ending the war on January 27th, 1973. The peace treaty mandated that there would be "Free and democratic General elections under international supervision."
This war killed more than 2 million people and wounded more that 3 million.There were about 8 million tons of bombs dropped.
After the war there was a lot of putting the pieces back together like fixing up land, seeing families, and recovering in hospitals.
McGeorge Bundy - Special Assistant for National Security Affairs
What is going on in the world?
Most people in the U.S at the time were in great terror knowing that the war was costing a lot of money and lives, it was a very long and grueling war.
We were also just getting over WWII and soldiers were coming back home.
The presidents of this time were attempting to remove Communism .
The people back home and everywhere did not want the Vietnam War because they had already lost a - lot during WWII.
During the war there were many people in power for Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh was in power of N. Vietnam and Ngo Dinh Diem was in power of S. Vietnam.
Turning Points
Hostile Deaths Non Hostile Deaths 100% Disabled Severely Disabled Lost Limbs MIA POW
January 31, 1968, North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces launched a wave of attacks on South Vietnamese.
Major Battles, Surprise Attacks & Who Won
Ap Bac - N. Vietnam
Warfare Strategies
La Drang Valley - Harold Moore & the 7th Calvary
Richard Nixon - 37th President
Communities were affected at home by poverty, Antiwar protests, Tet-Offensive, the Jackson State and Kent State massacre and riots.
Khe Sanh
New Weapons & Technologies
Tet Offensive - N/A
Lyndon Johnson - 36th President
John F. Kennedy - 35th President
Ho Chi Minh - The Primary Vietnamese Nationalist, Communist leader, & Leader for the Independence of Vietnam
William Calley - US Army Lieutenant
Henry A. Kissinger - Political
Science Professor
Napalm(gasoline and tar)
Agent Orange(herbicide)
UH-1 Huey Helicopter
B-52 Bomber
F-4 Phantom
Dwight D. Eisenhower - 34th President
Veterans that came home were often scared and had nightmares of the war.
Map of Vietnam
and Planning
Another turning point during the war is when John F. Kennedy sent 400 Special Operation Forces to Vietnam.
Tet Offensive
Bomb everything
Obliterate all people suspected of being Vietcong and their villages.
Used herbicides to poison an enemy they could not see.
N. Vietnam/Vietcong
Guerrilla Warfare
Hit and run
Surprise attacks
Booby traps
Rat tunnels
Pungee spikes
On 4/30/1970 President Richard Nixon announced that the US invaded Cambodia and needed to draft 150,000 more soldiers. This started massive protests on college grounds, at Kent State students started a protest that included setting fire to the ROTC building. This intolerable behavior caused the governor of Ohio to send in the Ohio National Guard.
The Tet Offensive was a armed campaign in which North Vietnam would start surprise attacks towards breaking the stalemate in Vietnam also in hopes of decimating the (ARVN) Army of the Republic of Vietnam.

Harry Truman - 33th President
Mao Zedong -
Chinese person in power
Problems That Happened Because of These Strategies and Weapons
The U.S. had not fought guerrilla force since the Indian Wars
They were fighting in a foreign land and foreign on terrain
U.S. soldiers didn't know the difference between friends and enemies because North and South vietnamese look alike
Vietcong/N. Vietnam
Many, many civilians were killed because of the use area weapons like bombs, napalm and Agent Orange
The Vietcong did not have the artillery or air power that the U.S. had

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Work Cited Page
Often times people showed how they felt by conducting Anti War Protests
By Forest, Austin, Ronnie,
Christian, Julia & Matthew

N Vietnam also wanted communism and S Vietnam didn't
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