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No description

Aaron Wilson

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Biodiesel

Welcome, to a untapped market of bio diesel, Through CCU You can invest in American future and it present. Buying Biodiesel from one of our known locators. Here at CCU we care about a cleaner earth, and a more efficient way to live!

Bio Diesel
A greener company one gallon at a time.
Logo "CCU"
Entering the bio diesel market opens jobs to many without, making huge changes to the daily lives of our customers, since bio diesel is made from easy to access resources.It has far less environmental affects than petroleum diesel, and acts extremely similar to petroleum diesel.
Facts about Bio Diesel
Bio Diesel is a new safe way, other than regular Diesel, Bio-Diesel can be recycled from grease (Yes, even grease from our favorite fast food restaurants). From those types of oils we can produce a fuel source to power our machines.
What is Bio-Diesel?
Technical challenges
Genetic engineering of bio fuel crops
Variation of Bio fuel Quality
Fuel Use
Fertilizer Use
Food Security
Water Use
Regional Suitability




Citation page
CCU(Chemical Central Utilities)- Presents
Bio diesel

Reduces Green House Gases
Positive Economic impact
High Quality Impact Performance
Economic Development
Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence
Fuel Economy
Bio Fuel Refineries are Cleaner
Health Benefits
Bio Diesel is Becoming More Energy Efficient

Why to get pumped on Bio-Diesel!
The Way Bio Diesel Works
Fast Food
Many of the fast food restaurants we see today, use grease, oils, and other products for hamburgers, fries, etc. With the "Byproduct left" (Oil, Grease, etc) we can reuse that in our factories.
Many of the oils, and greases that we collect still has food particles, so we put the oils, and greases into three filters. The first filter remove the food particles, then the second filter removes smaller particle that may have gotten through the first filter, and last we have our third filter, this filter remove microscopic particle in our bio-diesel.
Our next step is washing our bio-diesel. When we make bio-diesel we have the byproducts pf soap, water and methanol although we can use some of this material to continue our process. We cannot have the byproduct soap, because it mixes the water with our bio-diesel contaminating our Bio diesel.
So we go through washes to dispose of the soap, this will also get rid of the water because we will be dehydrating it.
After this is done several times we finally have a pure form of Bio-Diesel that can be put into our engines, and machines to make a greener earth.
Thank you, and we value your feedback!
By: Joesph Akinyemi, Edward Todd, and Aaron Wilson
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