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Transportation Innovation Station

At the moveDC ( Idea Exchange, this Prezi provided an interactive way for participants to convey both issues that they have with their current DC transportation experience and potential ideas or solutions for the future.

moveDC - DDOT

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Transportation Innovation Station

Become a bike friendly city Bike share Bikes will get vandalized and stolen Will there be enough or in the right place? DC SmartBike Too small Capital BikeShare Still need more bikes Need more stations Helmets? Not enough parking Not enough coins Smart meters (Credit Cards) Credit cards don't always work Machines break/get vandalized Pay by phone Variable parking pricing More local transit Easy to use Circulator Visitor services A lot of construction Want to know how construction would change routes How to find the best and closest spot while I'm driving App that shows local parking spots and prices based on destination Show live availability Reserve your spot! When I park, they know my license plate and automatically charge me Need more bike lanes Bike lanes that don't end Public bike storage with security in dense areas Something that's very hard to break in to, but cost efficient to repair Better stroller storage on buses Storage on front of buses Bicycle
recycling program Need more bike education programs Public schools could help to eliminate class disparity in bike usage Dedicated route notifications Expand Metro or streetcars into under-served areas Access to BikeShare card without a credit card City-wide streetcars Congestion getting
into DC DDOT supported slug lines Extra bike racks at events for personal or BikeShare bikes Office buildings do not have accommodations for bikers (racks, showers) Makes it hard to bike to work Cycle tracks, cycle tracks, cycle tracks! Delays in DC Streetcar opening (H St./Benning Rd.) Signal timing in bike corridors are meant for faster traffic A simplified Metrobus service Why do some routes only exist at certain times of day? Why not use more frequent routes and transfers? Map is very hard to read Some places could be easier to access Sensors in the road that can track the speed of traffic for reporting travel time Could also help signal management system More real-time travel information while in the system but also before entering Bike parking at every major Metro station Some very convenient routes only go at certain times of day Want to see bike lanes on the diagonal streets Metro needs an inner circle line to connect DC neighborhoods More direct access to airports Even the Silver line will shut down too early for some flights Shared taxis - similar to systems in the Middle East Demand driven parking pricing like San Francisco Traffic circles converted to roundabouts Or with roundabout features Jurisdictions should suggest a way to move beyond the Metro compact Better ADA compliance Sidewalk ramps angled in the correct direction BRT network Don't charge if you don't end up taking the train anywhere Paid secure parking for bikes Areas on Metro cars for bike storage Inter-city passenger rail and commuter rail Internet connectivity on all rails More cell phone connectivity on rails Having to pay peak fares when reverse commuting Reliability of information Put a clock on the display showing the next train Have designated entrance and exit doors on buses Designated multimodal hubs Signage about parking availability at Metro Park and Rides Mobile app for metro parking availability L Street bike path is on the left side of the road Multimedia videos of bike stories More walkable amenities More street lighting Shortening pedestrian crossings Rewards for SmarTrip frequent users Mobile app for universal transit payment Enhanced enforcement of "blocking the box" Speed cameras Very low fines for minor violations What about bikes on sidewalks? Inconsistent gaps in wheelchair ramps Maintaining safety on sidewalks Getting to the bus is harder than getting on! Improved jurisdictional communication More underground parking garages Accommodate small children on all modes Eliminate car-seat requirement in taxis Child seats on bike share bikes Solar powered taxis Public crowd-source funding Parking signs are too confusing! Merged app with Metrorail and Metrobus Transit lanes and directions linked to Apple/Google Maps Driving into the city is less expensive than driving to metro and parking Link parking price at metro stations with parking in DC 24-hour public transportation! Pedestrian avenues throughout city Block off areas for pedestrians only (i.e. Times Square) Traffic calming devices to make walking safer Designate specific pathways for pedestrians Logical ways to get from A to B More mid-block crossings Better coordination between VRE and MARC Optimized traffic signal cycle lengths Too much of a divide between supporters of different modes Transit is transit! Increased bike route signage More and alternative ways to fund bike investments Streets designated for specific modes Weekend service for MARC and VRE Bike station similar to Union Station's Separate set of regulations for different modes (i.e. "Idaho Stop") New multimodal Potomac crossing Bike boulevards Connect National Mall to downtown with Circulator New development does not come with new transportation planning Bus is delayed when people are paying Pre-paid system where you pay before you board Underground bike parking BikeShare app Staying car-free with small children Improve pavement quality to make bike rides safer Bike safety on L Street bike lanes (cars making left turns) Education (and signage) on bike lane regulations Built in bike locks at bike racks Cars driving wrong way in one way street Increased signage Employer bike subsidies Pedestrians attempting to cross diagonally are delayed by long signal cycles Storage add on for BikeShare bikes (i.e. for luggage) Multimodal access to National Parks DC taxis move to credit card payment More dynamic parking payment model "Smart" traffic network: connectivity between cars and street - web meets transportation Autonomous vehicles Vertical bike racks on metro trains Dynamic speed
signs Construction disrupts service Increased communication Updates on when new lines will open Direct Metro line between Shady Grove and Glenmont (realigned Red Line) Bikers slow down traffic Bikers not communicating with drivers Standardized system of communication Not enough enforcement on motorcyclists High speed rail connection between Dulles and Union Station More Metrobus or Circulator connections at Union Station

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2. Click “Draw Bracket Frame” (Issue) or “Draw Circle Frame”
3. Zoom to the sector you want and find an empty space
4. Place your frame (this will add your frame to the end of the “path” – that’s fine)
5. Left click inside to start typing
6. Resize your text and shape to make it look nice and clean

1. Click “Frames & Arrows”
2. Click “Draw Arrow”
3. Place the arrow where you want it.
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