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Exam Preparation for Success

Presentation for 11th and 12th grade students at ISG Dammam in Saudi to help them be successful with semester exams.

Catherine Geisen-Kisch

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Exam Preparation for Success

Follow the skipping stone leading up to and during your exams... Set yourself up for success... Time Management Skills Strengthen your
study skills Think it... On the day of your exams: Planning ahead helps you set realistic
goals & develop healthy habits. Many tools & strategies exist to help you prepare for your exams. Choose what works best for you! Re-frame the reason we take tests:
Show your potential
Demonstrate what you have learned
Feel a sense of accomplishment & pride for all of your hard work Make it happen... Beating Exam Stress... for Success Personal Awareness Simply speaking...
just do your best! Some anxiety before exams is unavoidable.
Through careful planning, and by taking
advantage of specific strategies, you will be prepared for success. Our goal: Prevent
students from looking like this! Manage your time wisely over the coming weeks by identifying your priorities & available time Use all available time & be creative about how you study (physical activity increases oxygen flow to the brain) Lastly, use but don't abuse your brain! PEOPLE:
Your teachers want you to succeed & are here to help
So are your counselors!
Listen carefully in class, take notes & ask questions
Form study groups with friends to gather & review information REVIEW PAST WORK:
Homework is a tool Review areas of difficulty & create review sheets! MEMORY TRICKS:
Mnemonics (ROY G BIV)
Concept maps
Images Set yourself apart from other students.
Earn the grades & recognition needed to chart your path after high school. Think positively:
Focus on what you can control
Don't waste time thinking about possible negative results
With preparation, you will feel less stressed & know that you did your best Most important...
Remember to get plenty of rest, to eat & drink water... after all, you are only human! Remember:
Bring your calculator, pencils or other aids as permitted
Arrive early
Look over your review sheet one last time to refresh your short-term memory
Stay calm, breathe & think positively General Test-taking Tips:
Read the directions carefully
Look over the test & budget your time
Answer the easy questions first
Word problems & essays: Underline & circle key terms; Brainstorm & organize your thoughts before writing
Multiple Choice: Eliminate incorrect options first
True/False: Be careful of word such as always & never; If any part of the question is false; the entire question is false
Remember that you are looking for the best answer; not only the correct answer (read all the options) Before Handing in your Exam:
Review your exam to make sure all questions have been answered
Double check your work if time permits
Go back to questions that were difficult & make sure you read the question correctly Most importantly think positively, good luck & keep reminding yourself that you are... IMAGE REFERENCES
Brain Image: http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/photos/brain/
Einstein Photo: http://beta.photobucket.com/images/albert%20einstein/
Light Bulb: Microsoft clip art
Cartoon Depiction of The Scream: Obtained from ISG Dammam Counseling Department presentation
Bucket of Rocks Image: http://beta.photobucket.com/images/bucket+of+rocks/
Facebook Logo with Social butterfly Image: http://beta.photobucket.com/images/social%20butterfly/
Concept Map Image: Early Childhood Research and Practice at http://ecrp.uiuc.edu/v8n2/birbili.html
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