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My generation

No description

Daniela Chavez

on 19 July 2018

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Transcript of My generation

Back in the day....
Elegant, fancy, and attractive
Let's start with some culture
Clothes, shoes, fashion, and music are some of the main aspects that defined this time period.
My name is Katerine.
I was born in 1999, and here's a peek of the cultural experiences my generation lived during these years!
My Generation

Big events
The 90's to the 00's Culture & Life Style
People would dress literally however they wanted! Fancy, elegant, comfortable, casual, sporty, and sometimes showing a lot of skin!
Crop tops and backless dresses were really common
"The Shoe Game"
Yup! The shoe game was referred to all the shoes you owned. Wearing the best shoes, being modern, having style, and just owning a lot of shoes! It was really common among teenagers.
The types of music that were very popular among teenagers during this period of time were:
Trap Rap
Country music
Adidas and nikes were the most popular shoes.
But also, Spanish music was very common during these days compared to other languages. Many Latinos living in the United States brought the Spanish music and culture.
Wiz Khalifa- Rap music
Jason Aldean- Country music
Ozuna- Spanish music
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