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Causes of the American Revolution

No description

Rachel Trentanelli

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Causes of the American Revolution

1764 Sugar Act:
taxes on sugar & molasses imported in coloinies
crack down on smuggler
: now have to list everything on your boat and pay taxes on it
"Taxation Without Representation"
Sam Adams
James Otis
start the Committees of Correspondence to get in touch with other colonies about how to handle Brits
Don't buy British goods; make them lose money
Stamp Act of 1765
: pay tax on official stamp/seal on all paper
(ex. legal documents, newspapers, even playing card ect)
1st Round of Taxes
The French & Indian War (1756-1763)
Results of French & Indian War
Native Americans have trading partnerships with
France & England ( aka Britain)
Huron & Algonquian
Iroquois League of 6 Nations
Creates tension & competition
By mid 1700s England wants to settle in the Ohio River Valley to make $ off fur, France doesnt want them there messing with their trade
Fighting starts in 1756 lasts 7 years
Started over outrage of the Stamp Act
Founded by
Sam Adams
its a secret society that used violence to scare away tax collectors
Oct. 1765-
9 New York delegates get together to issue a declaration of how the Stamp Act violates thier natural rights and liberties
its repealed in 1766
Sons continue to be active throughout the Revolution
The Sons of Liberty
March 5, 1770
: A British soldier argues with a colonists and hits him
a crowd gathers, hits troops with snowballs and insults
as more troops arrive crowd gets wilder
troops fire into the crowd
Crispus Attucks
first patriot killed; memorialized with other 2 killed
News spreads and troops put on trial for murder
Not guilty by self defense
2 guilty of accidental death: branded on hand
Townshend Acts repealed EXCEPT on tea
The Boston Massacre
Tea Act of 1773:
British East India Company will sell tea to colonists ( no one else)
local merchants cannot compete with prices
December 16, 1773:
Sons of Liberty dress like Native Americans and dump 340 chests of tea from ship in Boston Harbor
This leads to the Intolerable Acts
Boston Tea Party
Causes of the American Revolution
Boston Harbor is closed until it pays for the tea
Massachusetts charter is canceled
British General Thomas Gage is now in charge of Mass.
Royal officials accused of a crime can only be tried in Britain, not colony
Quartering Act: colonists had to house British troops
Quebec Act: more land is given to Quebec
Intolerable Acts
Britain raises taxes because they need to pay for French & Indian War AND a standing army to protect the colonies from attack

What should they do?.....
We Broke!
Declaratory Act: Parliament
has complete power to make laws for colonies in ALL cases
Townshend Acts:
2 parts
1: taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea
2: tax collectors can search any time for smuggled goods
Boycotts and violence continue:
Tax collectors seize the ship Liberty to search for smuggled good in Massachusetts
Sons of Liberty retaliate and attack houses of customs officials
Governor of Mass. sends British troops to restore order
2nd Round of Taxes
Brits had no right to
tax colonial merchants ( business owners) without their say or agreement
Brits had no right to
deny colonial representation in Parliament ( Englands legislative branch) and then make laws for the colonies that would affect the colonies.
That would be like me making decisions about your homelife without asking you
Taxation without Representation
1763 Treaty of Paris
ends war:
British get all Canada, and land east of Mississippi and Florida ( since spain helped)
Pontiac's Rebellion:
Started by Pontiac, an Ottawa chief mad at colonists for taking his land
overtook 7 British forts before surrendering in Detroit in 1766
Land Proclamation of 1763:
banned British from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains
British must leave the upper Ohio River Valley
Issued by King George III
Colonists do not support this: feel like they earned the land by helping fight in the F&I War
Cost of American Wars
American Revolution- 400 million
War of 1812- 105 million
Mexican-American War- 100 million
Civil War- 5.2 billion
Spanish-American War- 250 million
WWI- 32 billion
WWII- 296 billion
Korean War- 30 billion
Vietnam War- 111 billion
Afghanistan & Iraq- $4 trillion
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