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open and closed systems

No description

emra rosic

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of open and closed systems

open and closed systems

system- a group of related objects or parts that work together to create a whole.
open system- a system in which both matter and energy are exchanged with it's surroundings
energy- electrical and heat energy
Human Bod
energy- nutrients
closed system-A system in which energy,but not matter is exchanged with it's surroundings.
example of an open system
roller coaster
Energy- potential and kinetic
matter- people
A roller coaster is an open system because humans can enter and exit. The roller coaster uses energy to move.
type of system- open
matter-cars and humans
type of system-open
matter-food and feces
Explanation-Matter(food)can enter and exit the body as feces.The transfer of energy are the nutrients.
chemical energy

type of system-closed
Explanation-A battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy.Only energy can come in and out.
type of system-
ultraviolet radiation
Explanation-The sun can enter inside of the greenhouse,while matter can not.
Explanation-Humans,cars,and animals can enter and exit.Rain(moisture)and wind can come from a weather front.
made by:Emra Rosic
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