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Sudanese Genocide

Genocide of African Farmers by the Janjaweed. The Janjaweed is a government supported Militia.

Jack Waytashek

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Sudanese Genocide

--What Means of Terror Are Being Used?--
organized starvation
threats against aid workers
mass murder
--What Is the Scale of the Disaster?--
has killed more than 400,000 people
displaced over 2,500,000 people
5,000 die every month
roughly 100 people die everyday
Over 400 villages have been destroyed in this Genocide

--Where in the World is this?--
Darfur is a section of Sudan, Africa
Darfur is about the size of Texas
Western part of Sudan
Sudan is adjacent to the Red Sea, below Egypt --Who is Responsible for the Genocide?--
The Sudan militia group, Mijaweed, who is actively supported by the Sudanese Government.
--Who is on the Defense?--
The Darfurian rebel groups:
The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)-
In 2003, two rebel groups launched an uprising against the Government.
They complained that the governent was neglecting their saftery by not controlling attacts on the African farmers by nomatic Arab tribes.
It resulted in the enlistment of Arab tribes (who are nomads) to harm innocent civilians of Darfur. --The Big Picture--
It is home to about 6 million people from nearly 100 tribes.
Darfur region of Sudan is the site of racially mixed tribes
One group who identified themselves as Settled African peasants.
The other group identifies themselves as Arab nomadic Camel herders.
The vast majority of the people are Muslim.

--The Conflict--
The government recruits Arabs to join the violent militia group, Janjaweed.
The Janjaweed is responsible for the killings of innocent Darfurian civilians.
The name janjaweed translates into "devils on horseback" --What Happens to the People--
Many are put into refugee camps
Others are dissplaced to other parts of Sudan
Some Immigrate to other adjacent countries by escaping across the border
The Sudanese Government
They deny any connection with the Janjaweed militia group.
They have arrested and harrased journalists, thus limiting the press coverage of the Darfur situation.
The government has not complied with investigations of Civil Rights headed by the ICC (International Criminal Court) in June of 2005. Darfurian Genocide Rebel Groups -------- How the Horror Began

It began as the marginalization of the African tribal groups in Darfur. Then the National Islamic Front Regime started refusing to protect the tribes from increasilngly violent attacts on villiages by Arab militant groups. --The Result--
Famine and desease resulted from the destruction of livestock, crops and homes within the African villages. There is also a mistrusting of governments and of culturally diverse tribes in the area of Sudan.
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