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Types Of Characters

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Kate Ornstein

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Types Of Characters

Types Of Characters
There are common types of characters that we find in literature.
They are:
Round Characters
Flat Characters
Dynamic Characters
Static Characters
Round Character
A character that we know a great deal about is called a
round character.

Capable of changing over time.

The protagonist is typically a round character.
Flat Character
They are not fully developed and are often display very few character traits.

They do not show significant change over time.

These characters often play a supporting role and are seen as
minor characters.

Marlin is an example of a
round character
We know a lot about his past and why he is overprotective of his son.

We learn a lot about his personality as he searches desperately for Nemo. His attitude changes over the course of the story.
Types of Characters
A character we don't know a lot about is called a
flat character

Dory is an example of a
flat character

Her character is built around her short term memory loss.

She displays the same character traits throughout the movie.
Dynamic Character
A character who experiences an important inner change.
Changes can include:
- A change in beliefs
- A change in personality
- A change in attitude
Something happens in the story that causes the character to change his or her behavior or way of thinking.
Shrek is an example of a
dynamic character
Shrek has a significant personality/attitude change in the movie.

He changes from a mean, lonely grump to a kind-hearted soul as he falls in love with the princess.
Static Character
A character who stays the same throughout the story.
Lord Farquaad is an example of a
static character
Lord Farquaad remains the same throughout the movie. He is always the villain.
This character has no change in personality, attitude, or beliefs.
The main character of the story.

The character who faces the main conflict(s).

Many times, but not all the time, the protagonist is the "good guy" or "hero".

Mr. and Mrs. Parr are examples of
Mr. and Mrs. Parr, also known as Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, are the main characters of the movie.

They face the most conflict(s) in the movie.

They, along with their family, are the good guys/heroes in the movie.
Syndrome is an
example of a
The antagonist is the character or force in conflict with the protagonist.

Many times, but not all the time, the antagonist is the "bad guy" or "villain" in the story.

He plots revenge against Mr. Incredible
He is a super villian.
He wants to destroy Mr. Incredible and take his place as a superhero.
As we learn about different types of characters, it is important to remember that many characters can be more than one type..

For example, a protagonist can also be dynamic and round.

While an antagonist can also be flat and static.

Did You Know??
Let's Practice!
Watch the following clips to determine the character type.

Identify the character type and come up with an explanation to show your reasoning.
What kind of character is Simba?
What kind of character is Mr. Scrooge?
What kinds of characters are the Step Sisters?
What kind of character is Cruella Devil?
What kind of character is Harry?
What kind of character is Gaston?
What kinds of characters are Jaq and Gus?
What kind of characters are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?
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