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SWOT (Training Team)

No description

Shaun Durkin

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of SWOT (Training Team)

Training and Development Manager's Report
Continuing to deliver high volumes of training across all services;
Local 'Employee Training Records' are highlighting risk areas;
Organisational 'learning' is 'one-dimensional
If learning is required, the usual response is 'to do a course'
Little support to reinforce learning back in the workplace e.g. completing People Handling Risk Assessments; assessing the competency of Wheelchair Clamping; practicing MAPA classroom techniques etc
Increased demands for
training (HIQA inspections of designated centres);
Requirement to up-skill HSWs in FETAC Level 5 Full Award (8 modules);
Organisational growth (200 'starts' in 2014 according to data from the CORE HR database)
Trainer fatigue
Little planning time to design new training intervention; or improve/adapt existing training
Will staff embrace the requirement for some 'self-directed learning'?
Not done enough training in the following areas:
FETAC 5 Safety & Health at Work (IOSH Working Safely)
Cardiac First Responder
Wheelchair Clamping
Fire Safety training
Training records indicate training is not universally delivered
Lack of evidence to show full compliance with the HIQA National Standards
Course design
Lesson plans partially completed
Tutor variation not recorded
Evaluation of training
Evaluation not analysed effectively
Participant feedback does not inform course critique
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