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Gathering Blue

No description

Alexandra Wilson

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Gathering Blue

When and Where
This book is set in the future in an utopian society. There is no exact location.
This story is about a girl named Kira. Kira has a twisted leg and her mom and dad have both died. Since Kira has a twisted leg and no parents a women in hte village name Vandara wants her dead so she can have her land. But since Kira is such a good sewer the council decides to keep her and make her the embroiderer for the robe. The robe is what the singer wears at the gathering ceremony and it tells the whole story of how their village came to be. While Kira is making the robe she meets a boy named Thomas. Thomas and her work and eat together. One Night Thomas hears a cry. They do a little investigating and they find out that there is a Girl named Jo who will be the new singer. They befriend her and they help her stop crying. Later they realize that their friend Matt is missing. Will they find Matt and will he be safe?
The climax of this book is when Matt runs away because both Kira and Thomas get very worried and look for him but they can not find him.
Moral Theme
The moral theme of this book is that you should stick together because you can't do everything alone.
I would give this book a 8 out of ten because I really liked it but a few holes were left in the plot that I would have liked to know what happened.
Kira:The main character. Her mom and her dad died, she has a twisted leg, and she is a great sewer.
Mat:Kira's best friend, About two years younger, and a trouble maker.
Thomas: The carver for the council. Kira's other friend.
Jo: A little girl who is being trained to be the singer for the council.
Jamison: Kira's guardian.
Vandara: The women who put Kira on trial because she wants her land.
Gathering Blue
By Louis Lowery
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