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Christopher Nolan's Unique Style of Filmmaking

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Paul Rixon Olivera

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Nolan's Unique Style of Filmmaking

- Christopher Nolan
Are you watching closely?
Who is Christopher Nolan?
Christopher Edward Nolan is a British-American film director, screenwriter and producer. He co-founded the production company Syncopy Films with his wife and producer, Emma Thomas.
Christopher Edward Nolan is a British-American film director, screenwriter and producer. He co-founded the production company Syncopy Films with his wife and producer, Emma Thomas.
Since his debut in 1998, Nolan has directed eight features, ranging from low budget independent films to large-scale, major studio-supported blockbusters. In total, they have grossed approximately $1.6 billion in North America and $3.5 billion worldwide.
Nolan has been described as "one of the most innovative storytellers and image makers at work in movies today".
Nolan's Style

Keeps his camera moving or panning during tense dialogues.

Film Noir (Moody, Dark and Dramatic)

Nonlinear Storytelling.

Uses storytelling techniques such as flashbacks, shifting points of view and unreliable narrators.

Uses unconventional editing style of cutting away quickly from the money shot (or nearly cutting off characters' dialogue) and crosscutting several scenes of parallel action to build to a climax.

Nolan uses cinéma-vérité techniques (such as hand-held camera work) to convey realism.

Nolan's Method
In Script writing, there are 3 primary constituents; Script, Narrative and Character. Nolan generally complicates Script and Narrative, while the character is kept simple. This is what keeps the audience interested throughout the film and sometimes even after the movie gets over.
Nolan prefers shooting on film to digital video, and opposes the use of digital intermediates and digital cinematography, which he feels are less reliable and offer inferior image quality to film. Prefers "IMAX" film.
Nolan uses multi-camera for stunts and single-camera for all the dramatic action.
Nolan chooses to minimize the amount of computer-generated imagery for special effects in his films, preferring to use practical effects whenever possible, using CGI only to enhance elements which he has photographed in camera.
Nolan Says, "There are usually two different goals in a visual effects movie. One is to fool the audience into seeing something seamless, and that's how I try to use it. The other is to impress the audience with the amount of money spent on the spectacle of the visual effect, and that, I have no interest in".
Nolan's Movie Themes
Protagonist and other characters in the film usually have a Psychological problem and motivated by tragedy, resulting in revenge and/or guilt.
Identity Conflict and the complexity of truth versus falsehood are among Nolan’s most prevalent themes.
Other recurring themes include obsession, sacrifice,betrayal, solitude, memory, revenge, violence, escalation, corruption, terrorism, surveillance, blackmail, alienation, self-incrimination, idealism versus realism, ghosts of the past, regret and conspiracy.
He is a Self taught Filmmaker.
Nolan on 3D
Nolan Facts
Christopher Nolan's Filmography
Nolan's visual style emphasizes urban settings, men in suits, muted colors (often monochrome).
Dialogue scenes framed in wide close-up with a shallow depth of field.
Modern locations and architecture are used.
Extreme Close-ups usually involve the character's hands.
For establishing exteriors and locales, Nolan typically emlpoys aerial extreme long shots captured by helicopter mounted cameras.
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