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Halloween vs The Day of the Dead

By Sally

Sally Super

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Halloween vs The Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead
VS Halloween
What is the Day of the Dead?
What happens?
What is
Why do they
do it?
What are their beliefs?
Day of the Dead or
De dia de los Muertos
How Are They Different?
Day of the Dead
What are
their beliefs?
Why do
they do it?
Halloween VS Day of the Dead
The festival is about spirits
Consides with All Souls day and All Saints day
Dressing up and sweets are involved
Started 2000-3000 years ago
31st of October
Fearing the dead
Dressing up to fool the spirits so they won't hurt them
Common symbol- Jack-o-Lantern
Celebrates the coming of winter and the end of summer
Lighting of bonfires
Going trick-or-treating
Dressing up
A Celtec festival made because the Celts wanted to make sure the sun came back in summer
1st & 2nd of November
Celebrating the dead
Inviting spirits back to earth
Common symbol- Skull
An Astec festival dedicated to the godess Mictecacihuatl or Lady of the Dead
Dressing up to honor Mictecacihuatl
Setting up an alter
Cleaning a decorating gravesites
Telling stories about the deceased
sugar skulls
What do other people think of


I don't celebrate either nor did I know much about them beforehand and I don't have any sort of religion but now I think I like the Day of the Dead rather the Halloween. I think that the deceased would rather we celebrated their lives rather than now become scared of them. It think they are actually kind-of pointless. Me, I personally get really sad that someone has died and not with us anymore but then again that is their culture, Halloween I only do for the candy and don't see why people would think of it as even a thing to do with the dead. I think of Halloween and the Day of the Dead as a a fun time to dress up and get candy.
Originally an Astec Indian festival honering Mictecacihuatl (Lady of the Dead)
After the Spaniards invaded the Astecs they tried to get rid of the festival by moving it to the 1st and 2nd of November
That attempt failed
The Astecs along with the Mexicans continued the celebration
That it's a day that allows the dead to live again and return to their homes on earth.
A celebration celebrating the deceased
When is it?
1st and 2nd of November
1st= Honering the dead children and infants
2nd= Honering deceased adults
Setting up an alter
Telling storing about the deceased
Cleaning and decorating gravesites
Making/buying sugar skulls, pan de muerto (Bread of the Dead) and other sweets
Most people do it to honer Mictecacihuatl and their deceased loved ones, to show them they still care. Others do it out of fear.
What happens?
When is it?
A festival which in people dress up to fool to dead
31st of October
Dressing up in costumes
Lighting bonfires
Traditionally people belived that goasts, ghouls and faires walked on Halloween. Coming down to play tricks on humans.
Basically to fool the spirits
An Celtic festival celebrating the end of winter and the coming of summer
Making sure that they sun returned safely after winter
All the cooking fires went out and the villagers went to the top of the hills and lit huge bonfires and prayed that the sun would shine bright after winter was over
The trick-or-treat tradition...
Also the Celts believed that the sun would be a prisoner of winter for six months

I don't celebrate either of them. I do go trick or treating usually but I only do that for the candy but other than that definitely don't celebrate Halloween or Day of the Dead
No I do not like the sound of Halloween at all. I think Halloween is pointless and honestly it feels like Halloween is made for evil people. The people who do trick or treating not necessarily for the candy because they do it for the devil is scary. I personally hate Halloween, I really only do it for the candy and when I do dress up I will never, ever dress up as a devil. I think the Day of the Dead is as bad or worse than Halloween. I really think Halloween and Day of the Dead is evil. Day of the dead is I understand that your celebrating the people who have passed but they should be sad not happy that someone has died so I think both of these celebrations are pointless really.


We Celebrate Halloween by Bobbie kalman
A Calendar of Festivals by Cherry Gilchrist

Neighbor- Gordon


I don't celebrate Halloween or the Day of the Dead but I want to celebrate Halloween and have only heard of the Day of the Dead because of this inquiry.
Halloween- I think it is an awesome tradition because you get to go around getting free candy, have fun and dress up.
Day of the Dead-I think it is a day to remember people that have passed This is a nice but also quite a sad tradition.
So preferably my favorite is HALLOWEEN
Neighbor (Interviewed by talking):

I am religious but I think that it is a fun time to dress up and go around to houses to get FREE candy.
Fun for the kids

I don't celebrate them because day of the dead, ive never really heard of it before and Halloween isn't good (I am Christian)
The only reason I like the sound of it is because there is candy involved.

I personally don't celebrate Halloween or the Day of the Dead but I respect the people who do unlike Lulu who thinks it is evil and pointless. I think that everyone has their reasons for celebrating celebrations such as Halloween and Day of the Dead. Personally I would rather celebrate Halloween because you get candy and I like sweet things.

Thanks for watching!!!:)

Hope you learned something/anything
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