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Why are girls bigger bullies than boys?

No description

Colleen Thornton

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Why are girls bigger bullies than boys?

Why are girls bigger bullies than boys?
How do girls bully?
Rather than physical abuse, girls tend to use emotional abuse when bullying.
girls bully by:
anonymous phone calls or emails
deliberately exclude others
publicly ridicule and discriminate
malicious rumors
befriending another and then using personal information against them
encouraging others to pick on an individual
Types of Bullying
Cyber bullying
use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically done through intimidation and threats
Verbal abuse
excessive use of language to undermine someone's diginity and security through insults or humiliation
Physical bullying
physical violence used to outwardly harm another
Relational aggression
involves harming someone by manipulating a relationship; it accounts for nearly 18% of all cases of bullying
How girls can be more dangerous bullies
Often times, adults do not notice when girls are being bullies because during adolescence girls interact more through talking than anything else.
What an adult may see as harmless communication may actually be an exchange that can leave one of the individuals emotionally damaged.
Adolescents often do not speak up about being bullied, and with this emotionally harassment that is being endured, thoughts of suicide may occur.
Effects of being bullied
depression and anxiety
change sleeping and eating patterns
low self esteem
loss of interest in things previously enjoyed
health complaints
decreased GPA and school participation
possible development of eating disorders and other psychological damage
difficulty making friends
lying, and running away from home
suicidal ideation, attempted suicide, and suicide
Take a Stand
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