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Nadine Joy

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Gone

Presentation by: Jordan, Isabell, Nadine, Hannah
Everyone 15 and over disappears without a warning. This leaves work for the kids who are left behind in the Fallout Alley Youth Zone (the FAYZ), a place which seems to be trapped by a tall barrier.
The older children of Perdido Beach are forced to take responsibility and do the adults' jobs to keep the town running while trying to find a way out of the FAYZ.
Some kids are already taking the no adults life for granted and hurting people like the school bullies, Orc and Howard.
Just when Perdido Beach was getting into more control, Coates Academy, a private school for "troubled" kids decides to take over. Sam, Astrid, Edilio and their friends(Perdido Beach kids) start to get worried on what the true intentions of the Coates kids are. Secretly, a lot of Coates students knew about their own powers months ago and Caine, a student from Coates, plans to rule Perdido Beach.
There’s many themes in this book; I will touch on the important ones though. The top three ones that I found were good are responsibility, the big one, and the other two are courage and survival.
Coates Kids-
The kids at this academy are troubled which is why they attend this school. It is basically the school for ultimate bullies, ranging from minor bullies to major bullies, like Drake.
In the beginning of the FAYZ a lot of things were happening like some animals were changing and some of the kids had powers but not all of them.
Before the FAYZ started Sam and Astrid were just the normal teenagers. Sam really liked Astrid but never had the nerve to tell her. Throughout the book, they start as friends like helping each other when they needed help. But as it comes around the middle part of the book, they start attracting feelings for each other. Sam and Astrid ended up kissing twice.
Sam Temple
Astrid Ellison

best friends
Edilio Escobar
close friends
Pete Ellison
Main Characters
Astrid and Sam
Caine Soren
twin brothers
Drake Merwin
Diana Ladris
Lana Arwen Lazar
Charles Merriman

best friends
"Computer" Jack
Caine and Diana
Caine and Sam
Diana and Caine both go to Coates Academy. Caine revealed to Diana that he has feelings for her closer towards the end of the book. Diana denies liking Caine and when Caine kissed her she got mad. At the end, Diana, although she almost went against Caine, said that bad girls always end up with bad boys and is still on Caine's side.
Map of Perdido Beach
The strong male lead. Sam kept a low profile. He stuck to jeans and understated T-shirts. As described in the book, "he was a surfer who didn't hang out with surfers, he was bright but no brain. He was good looking, but not so that girls thought of him as a hottie." He is brave, courageous and is very caring.
AKA "Astrid the Genius" She is nicknamed this because she seemed to know almost everything about anything. She is considered the smart one.
She has shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and liked to wear starched white short-sleeved blouses.
AKA "Little Pete" or "L.P"
Little Pete is Astrid's 6 year old brother. As described in the book he looks pretty like a girl, he has blue eyes and blonde hair just like Astrid. He is autistic. He almost does nothing but play on his Game boy the whole time which he is supposedly playing a pokémon game. He is also a big reason on how the FAYZ came to be.
He is the leader of all Coates Kids and wants to be also in charge of the Perdido Beach kids as well. He is the villain and tries to do everything and or anything in his power to destroy his long lost fraternal twin brother, Sam Temple, in fear that Sam may be more powerful than him. In the book he is described as "handsome, with dark hair and eyes and his face glows with inner light." He is also very charming.
AKA "Whip Hand" He is a student at Coates Academy and is one of the biggest bullies, maybe even the biggest. Sometimes he even thinks that he is more powerful than Caine, Sam or anyone and can rule over Perdido Beach and Coates Academy without having powers. He is always getting into fights with Diana.
He is a new kid at Perdido Beach School. He is from Honduras, Mexico. He turns out to be a big help to Sam because he is an experienced driver. He is also brave and Sam leaves him in charge if Sam were to "poof".

He also grows a crush for Lana.
The foolish one. Quinn and Sam are best friends and they have been for a very long time. He is a surfer and tends to dress in costumes. Quinn and Sam get into some arguments due to Quinn not being loyal at times, but they eventually work things out in the end, most of the time.
Lana is one of the many people with powers, and hers is to heal people when they are hurt/injured. She is found outside of Perdido Beach near her grandfather's ranch. From there she ran into trouble with some coyotes, but eventually Sam made his way to Hermit Jim's shack where Lana is situated and after the burning of the shack, they head for Perdido Beach.
He is Lana's pet dog and companion. He is with her at all times.
He is the biggest bully of Perdido Beach due to his size and behavior . He gets people to do what he wants when he wants it like your typical bully, but when the FAYZ happens he, and the other bullies take it over the top.
As described in the book Howard is "A little worm" to most people, almost everyone. He acts greater than he actually is and does anything to save himself from the FAYZ.
Diana is one of the many bullies which explains why she attends Coates Academy. "A dark eyed beautiful girl" as described in the book. She is basically Caine's assistant and stays with him throught the book.
He is 10 years old and goes to Coates Academy. He is the techie. Jack works for Caine and also does whatever he is told to do. Jack is very close to Diana because he made a promise with her that could potentially save his life.
Caine and Sam are long lost fraternal twins. Caine is the leader of Coates and Sam is the leader of Perdido Beach. Caine tries very hard to be the more superior twin. Near the end of the book they had a fight which Sam had won. He has a choice on whether to kill Caine as an enemy or not to kill him because he is his brother
Drake and Caine
Caine is the leader of the Coates kids, and Drake is his right-hand man. Drake, it so happens wants to get rid of Caine, but he wants to do that at the right time, but as Caine doesn’t know, he will stay loyal all the time.
Why read Gone
They soon find out that telephones, televisions, the internet and radios don't work. With no way to contact the outside world, if there even is an outside world, everyone's afraid of what's going to happen.
Some kids notice that they are developing strange powers that nobody can explain. Sam is one of these kids and he is put in charge after trying to save a kid in a burning building. There are animals spotted that are starting to change and mutate.
Lana, who was in a car with her dog and grandfather when the disappearance happened, gets injured when the car falls down a ravine with no hope of anyone saving her. Then she discovers her power of healing.
some kids are being mutated into having powers

the rules made by Caine include that Drake, his right hand man, can hurt anyone
there is a darkness trying to kill all humans
kids who turn 15 are "poofed" meaning that they disappear too
- represents the struggle between the generally good people and the bullies. With no parents or law, the bullies can roam free and do what they want.
- this represents the people standing up and not backing down at challenges or opportunities. Sam shows this when he goes into a burning building and tries to save a little girl, but he is unsuccessful.
- In this new world where everybody 15 and over disappears, responsibility is big. Many people stood up to be leaders like Sam and Caine. Many other people showed it like Mary, Albert, and Edilio.
Caine's Gang-
Caine's gang is mostly composed of Coates kids. The highlights of the gang are Caine the leader, Drake the assistant, and Diana his crush he likes to keep around. They go around and cause trouble and they’re the rival gang of Sam’s gang.
Sam's Gang-
Sam himself as the leader, Astrid is basically his assistant, Quinn is his best friend but slowly changing to Caine's group. Edilio, Lana, and Little Pete are some people in this group. This is the opposing group to Caine.
Normal people
These are the people that are kind of just freeloaders but just float around from helping from time-to-time. Some people resent or dislike the people with powers.
Perdido Beach kids
- Generally good kids, but you have your bullies like Orc. They all just want Sam as the leader and to take care of them as they are mostly freeloaders.
Lana has the power where she could heal people’s wounds or where they are hurt.
There’s Little Pete who has a transporting power, but the only time he would transport was when he’s scared, nervous, or when he knows something wrong is happening.
Diana has the power that when she’d hold people’s hand, she can feel how strong their power is.
There’s also Caine who has the power of “Telekinesis”. It is the power to move things by mind.
The animals were also changing, like coyotes were talking and snakes had wings.
A shocking revelation about Sam's family creates more questions.
Things are getting out of hand when discrepancies about how Perdido Beach should be run begins. Will the children find a way out of the FAYZ? Can they control their powers? Will they ever see people 15 and over again?
The FAYZ is a nickname for the area that the barrier keeps in, the full name is Fallout Alley Youth Zone.
It got created when there was an emergency at the power plant; a meltdown. All the noise was making Little Pete restless so he used his powers and he stopped it all, but in the making he created the FAYZ.
There is no contact with the outside world, if there is one. Now they have to figure out a way out before starvation becomes a big issue.
Caine's Gang
Sam's Gang
Sam has the power of shooting fire/light out of his hands.
The Darkness
In the beginning of the FAYZ a
dark evil started to manifest in an abandoned gold mine. It was first discovered by the coyotes , and are servers of the darkness.
Their ultimate goal is to kill the humans and become some sort of leaders.
It controlled Lana for a brief time, and made her give Drake back his arm after Sam blew it off.
It turned into some stretchy, taffy like arm, and he will now be known as whip hand. It also has the power to call out to kids at any distances, but can't control them, only power of persuasion.
Thank you for listening,
you are free to ask any

Albert Hillsborough
Albert goes to Perdido Beach School. He works at the local McDonalds near the Plaza. Albert also comes into contact with mutant animals like a transporting cat. Since Albert wasn't really popular in school, he becomes greedy and takes advantage of kids, and gets them to give him valuable items that they will need in the future, like batteries and toilet paper.
Mary Terrafino
AKA "Mother Mary" Mary works at Barbara's Daycare and is in charge of taking care of the little kids (preschoolers&babies). She is a student at Perdido Beach. Mary also struggles with bulimia which makes it more challenging to take care of the kids at the Daycare.
John Terrafino
AKA "Brother John" Mary Terrafino's younger brother. He helps Mary at the Daycare.
Gone Book Trailer
- No adults to take care of the teens and younger kids
- The food is running out slowly
-there is no proper
medical care
-the barrier is impenetrable
-disagreements between Sam's gang and Caine's gang on how running the FAYZ should be
The Coyotes
In the book Lana found a shack, and when she was inside, on the outside of the shack were many coyotes. Pack Leader, the head coyote who can talk, was sent by "The Darkness" to go to Lana and have her teach the coyotes how to kill humans.
The coyotes then asked Drake because Lana refused. Throughout the book there is more situations with the coyotes like when they had set the shack on fire while Sam and some of his gang were still inside.
-conflict between good and evil
lols lets kappa
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