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Role of the native language in second language acquisition t

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María A

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Role of the native language in second language acquisition t

Role of the native language in second language acquisition theories
What are the second language acquisition theories?
1) What exactly does the L2 learner come to know?

2) How does the learner acquire this knowledge?

3) Why are some learners more successful than others?
SLA point of view:
What is the aim of this paper?
María Almeida González
Linguistics emphasize the characteristics of the differences and similarities in the languages that are being learned, and the linguistic competence and linguistic performance
Psychologists and psycholinguistics
Psychologists and psycholinguistics emphasize the mental or cognitive processes involved in acquisition, and the representation of language(s) in the brain
Sociolinguistics emphasize variability in learner linguistic performance, and extend the scope of study to communicative competence
Social psycholinguistics
Social psycholinguistics emphasize the group-related phenomena, such as identity and social motivation, and the interactional and larger social contexts of languages.
Role of L1 in the SLA theories:
Why is L1 important in SLA
It is assumed that the mother tongue is acquired totally for all humans and it is still an important element of study in many neurological theories. There are some cases in which people may have more than one mother tongue
Why is L1 important for
SLA theories?
- Multilingualism: people are able to communicate in a native way in both languages

- Acquisition of a language takes place through instruction it is known as sequential multilingualism
I am going to discuss the role of the native language (L1) in second language acquisition theories, pointing out the earliest and the latest approaches of second language acquisition
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