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Justin Bieber 2012

No description

Diane ( @JDBnews)

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Justin Bieber 2012

Justin Bieber:
A look back at 2012 The year of Believe January Justin visits Whitney
Elementary School! February March Justin turns 18! April May Congrats on another
successful year, Justin!
Wishing you nothing but
the best for 2013.
Can't wait to see what's
in store :) Swaggy. June Dec. 31, 2011 NYC Starting the year off on a good note! Avalanna Justin meets
Mrs. Bieber for
the first time! In the studio with
Drake working on Believe! Punk'd! On Jimmy Kimmel Live
with Ashton! Justin "directs" a Proactiv commercial Justin announces his "Boyfriend" single Justin releases a 15 second clip of Boyfriend Justin on Ridiculousness! Justin and Scooter at the 3rd annual
Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award Justin released the covers of Believe! Justin wins an award and then gets slimed at the KCAs! Justin previews a clip of Boyfriend and announces that Believe comes out June 19th! Boyfriend music video is released! Justin announces his Believe tour! Justin on The Voice
for the
very first
time! Justin releases Turn to You for Mother's Day to
give back and help Mothers in need And then releases his second Believe single
a few weeks later! Justin on SNL! July Click the arrow on the bottom of this screen to begin the presentation and
keep clicking it to go at your own speed. Believe is released
on June 19th! Justin travels the world to promote Believe and make his All Around
The World special that
was shown on NBC. Avalanna is Justin's OLLG at the Apollo! Justin filming
music video! Justin in Japan! Justin's live and intimate Blusey version of Boyfriend! August ALAYLM music video is released! The cover of
Justin's new
book is released! Justin showing off his new tattoo Justin spent
a lot of time
rehearsing for
the Believe tour! And finding the best
dancers to come along
with him. September October Made by @JDBnews Justin releases his BAAB music video! Justin on X-Factor! Justin showing off
a new tattoo! And his new pet, Pac! November December Justin performed ALAYLM and BAAB! Justin wins Arist of the Year! AMAs! Justin performs at
multiple Jingleballs! Justin shows off the cover to Believe Acoustic, coming out January 29th!
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