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Technology - Graphics

No description

Jacob Madden

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology - Graphics

Jacob Madden Graphics - Technology The Design Brief in my own words... Design Brief Task 1:
Create a logo for your own brand. Then, artistically display your logo on:
one copy on paper
one copy on fabric Factors that will limit my design work... Design Limitations Task 2:
Create a swing tag label of your own style that can be used to signify your brand. 1. I will be away at Band Camp in week 6 and will miss 2 periods of work and then miss another period in week 6 because of a TOM practice Day
2. All the programs that we are are using are new to me
3. It's hard for me to create a simple yet unique design
4. I saved all my work on a USB that was then lost and i had to redo all my work in Week 7
5. My printer is horrible and prints things really pixelated A well-designed graphic will... Criteria for Success 5 famous logos and their positives and negatives... Investigating Evaluation of the Design Project The good, the bad and the ugly... What my brand could be called and look like and PMI's of swing tag designs 1 and 2... Thinking Be eye-catching Appeal to the targeted audience Be simple but smart Be able to be scaled effectively Not rely on Stand-out colours Be easy to remember/recognise Be timeless Be unique Encourage good will Be effective without colours Be versatile Appropriately represent the business it identifies PMI of logos 1, 2 and 3... Thinking Logo 6. Logo 1. Name #1. Nitro
Name #2. NIitros
Name #3. Nuclear
Name #4. Nuke
Name #5. Nucleus Logo 2. P- Cartoonish graphic = timeless. Versatile. Scalable. Effective without colour. Appeals to targeted audience fairly well. Eye-catching.
M-Doesn't really have anything to do with the brands name (nitro). Graphic is a bomb and bombs are used in war meaning it might encourage bad will.
I - Bomb has a nuclear warning symbol on it. Logo 3. P- Nuclear warning symbol = timeless. Eye-catching. Scaleable. Effective without colour. Verstile. Appeals to trageted audience. Simple - the graphic a collection of four shapes that are specifically placed to make an entertaining graphic.
M- Not really unique as it's the nuclear warning symbol but changed a little.
I - Looks like a already famous graphic yet its different in its own way. PMI of logos 4, 5 and 6... Thinking P- Scalable. Eye-catching. Appeals to targeted audience. Effective without colour. Versatile. Should be Timeless.
M- Doesn't really encourage good will as it kinda encourages illegal graffiti. Might be "scary" for some people.
I - Logo features a skull wearing a gas mask with the word 'Nitro' written in graffiti style. This is a very interesting graphic to look at. Logo 4. P- Versatile. Reasonably eye-catching. Effective without colour. Timless. Simple and Smart - bunch of letters forming the word 'nitro' with the 'O' being part of a nuclear warning symbol.
M- If the logo's scaled to small the letters may be hard to read.
I - The 'O' is part of a nuclear warning symbol. Logo 5. P- Cartoonish bomb = timeless. Effective without colour. Appeals to targeted audience. Versatile. Eye-catching.
M- Can't be scaled to small or you can't read the word 'Nitro'
I - Same as logo 2 yet it also has logo 4 to the right of it P- Scalable. Versatile. Timeless. Simple yet smart - logo looks like a tick but also looks like the shoe of someone running or the wing of the greek goddess of victory, Nike. Reflects slogan - 'just do it' - it has a tick as if to say 'done it'. Recognisable. Well known. Still looks good without colour.
N - No name of the brand on it - if the brand wasn't famous you'd think it was called something like 'tick'. P-Versatile. Scaleable. Simple - looks like 2 letters with a star. Smart - 'D' and 'C' are interlocked and used to represent the words Droors Clothing. The star highlights the brands celebrity status and suggests famous people wear the brand and it also refers to a famous person (Ken Block) who helped set up DC.
N- The logo can be misinterpreted as 'DOG'. P- Eye-catching. Versatile. Scalable. The font also used matches the logo. The 'M' looks like claw marks of a monster. Would appeal to many teenage skaters which are the companies chosen audience. Very recognisable and well known.
N- Doesn't look so good without colour. P- Skateboard in the logo would appeal to skaters as it seems to suggest 'we are all for skating'. The words 'off the wall' mean Unique/stylish teenage clothing. Scalable. Effective without colour. Well, recognised.
N - 2 logos. Skateboard one on the back of Skate shoes and the other on their clothing and on a little tag on their Skate shoes. Pedo joke. P-Three stripes appear in the logo and appear in all their shoes. The 3 Stripes make the shape of a shoe. Well known. Recognisable. Versatile. Name is in the logo but doesn't retract from it. The tongues on many adidas shoes are the sahpe of the leaf-like logo.
N- 2 logos. One for shoes (one with 3 diagonal lines). The other for sportswear. If the logo's are too small you can't read 'adidas' properly. Labeling/tag requirements for clothing... Investigating They labels must have ______ on it:
the companies logo
the barcode
the price of the product
the size of the product (e.g. Mens Large)
the name of the product (e.g. Grey Air-cool Tracksuit)
info about the product
country of manufacture
fairtrade? or Recyclable
Things to know:
custom shapes and larger tags are usually more eye-catching than small tags or tags with a traditional shape
bright colours can help make the tag eye-catching
'fastening' material should be reasonably strong but relatively easy to be pulled apart
the material of the tag should be chosen based on where it will appear and what on
should appeal to brands targeted audience Swing tag 1 P- Eye-catching. Can use a standout colour. Custom shape. Appeals to target audience
M-not to much room for all thats needed to go on it
I -shape outlines the logo Swing tag 2 P- Brand name is large and visible fo all to see. Look good with a standout Colour.
M- Eyecatching? Almost traditional shape. not much room for the all that needs to go on it
I -Logo of brand on the back of the swing tag PMI of swing tags 3, 4 and 5... Thinking Swing tag 3 P- Appeals to targeted audience. Eye-catching.
M- Not to much room for what needs to go on it. Traditioanal shape.
I - features part of the nuclear warning symbol Swing tag 4 P- Custom shape. Would contain an eye-catching yellow.
M- Not to much room for what needs to go on it. No hint of the brand from the front of the tag
I - Shape outlines the nuclear warning symbol. Swing tag 5 P - Uncommon shape. May have enough room for everything if logo is fairly big. Already well known thing turned into a swing tag that still works like it should. Appeals to targeted audience.
M- If the tags small there would not enough room for everything.
I - Resembles a nuclear warning sign yet also has the brands name. 27 footsteps for Prezi,
1 giant leap for Prezikind! I have met the design brief as I have printed my logo on paper and fabric and I've artistically presented my logo and swing tag. Thus meaning I've done what I was asked to do. I have met my Criteria for success as my logo fits everyone of the elements mentioned - my logo is versatile and timeless, effective without colour, appeals to the targeted audience, its eye-catching and unique, doesn't rely on a standout colour, it's easy to recognise and represents my company perfectly. My swing tag has also met its labeling requirements as it is eye-catching and appeals to the targeted audience, contains all the needed information that should be on it including the logo of my company and the fastening material fits the criteria.

If I had more time I would not have made a different graphic as my design is all ready more than I was hoping it to be like.

In this project I was successful as I filled the Criteria and Design Process perfectly and I didn't get off track and I always made sure I was following my Time Management Plan by using time outside of class to do so. The only thing that wasn't successful was that my swing tag was printed pixelated and there was nothing I could do about it as it was to late to change anything.

I worked through the design process by always following my Time Management Plan and working on things outside of class many times a week. I also started thinking of graphic designs before we even started the unit and while we were still making IPod's on Adobe Illustrator. To to be effective swing tags must:
Contain all the needed information
Be eye-catching
Appeal to the targeted audience
Contain the companies logo
Have fastening material that is easy enough to pull apart or take off yet still strong so it won't break off or fall off unless the customer wants it to. The best features of my design are the graffiti style writing as I know it appeals to my chosen audience perfectly. I also think the fact that the graphic has a gas mask in it was one of the best features as it which goes with the graffiti style writing and as it is attached to the skull which, I think, helps incorporate the skull as well. The gas mask also relates the logo to my brand name as 'nitro' is a gas that is unhealthy to breathe in and highly poisonous and the bottles that contain nitro advise wearing a gas mask when using it. I also think the floral effect on my graphic is a good feature as most surf-like graphics I've seen had flowers in them and I also think it makes sure the graphic appeals to girls and guys. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly continues... Evaluation of the Design Process
I found making the logo on Illustrator difficult as I had never used the program before and I also found it hard to find the labeling requirements of clothing as most websites called Swing Tags Hang tags and i originally though they were not the same thing. I found designing the logos surprisingly easy and figuring out how I was to present my logo and swing tag. P- Smart - the 'N' also looks like a lightning bolt. Scalable. Versatile. Effective without a standout colour. Should be timeless. Simple - Looks like an odd shaped 'N' surrounded by 2 brackets. Would be easily recognisable.
M- Wouldn't appeal to targeted audience (skaters/snowboarders/surfers) very well. Super-hero-ish.
I - 'N" also looks like a lightning bolt. Logo 1 Logos 1 - 3 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 Logos 4-6 Logo 5 Logo 6 Swing Tag 1 Swing Tag 2 Swing Tags 1 and 2 Logo 3 Swing Tags 3-5 Logo 4 Logo 5 Logo Final Design Final Design Swing Tag Final Design Final Design
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