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The Toaster

No description

Myles Golden

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Toaster

Toaster innovations
Toaster idea
Waters Genter Co. formed to manufacture Strite's toaster and market it to restaurants
Toaster sold
it wasn't until 1909 that the first successful electric toaster was produced. In July, 1909, Frank Shailor of General Electric submitted his patent application for the D-12, considered the first commercially successful electric toaster.
Toaster maker
The investor of the toaster was Charles P. Strite , It birth place was Minneapolis, Minnesota the toast is A mechanical device used to toast bread, especially by exposure to electrically heated wire coils.Toasted bread is called toast.
Step 4

Toaster Facts
Electric toasters have been in existence for less than 100 years.Even after electricity was introduced to homes across America, the electric toaster was still not a feasible invention. Because the surface of toast needs to be heated to temperatures above 310 degrees Fahrenheit, electric toasters must contain wires with the ability to reach very high temperatures without becoming damaged or starting a fire.
Right there
1905 Albert Marsh discovered Nichrome the filament wire needed to toast bread
1906 George Schneider applied for a patent for his version of the electric toaster. It is never built.
1909 General Electric introduces their first electric toaster for the home. Invented by Frank Shailor
1913 Hazel and Lloyd Copeman apply for toaster patents
1913 Copeman Electric Stove Company introduced toaster with automatic bread turner
1914 Westinghouse introduces electric toaster for the home. Under license of Copeman patents
1919 Charles Strite invents a automatic pop-up bread toaster and applies for a patent
1921 Waters Genter Co. formed to manufacture Strite's toaster and market it to restaurants.
1921 Two of Strite's patent application are approved
1926 Strite file patent application for his design for a home toaster
1926 Waters Genter Co introduce their first electric toaster for the home under the Toastmaster name
1926 Max McGraw purchased Waters Genter Co. and the Toastmaster brand
1928 first mechanical pre-sliced bread goes on sale to the public in Chillicothe, Missouri
1929 Patent 1,698,146 issued to Strite for the automatic pop-up toaster for home use
1930 Wonder Bread begins selling pre-sliced bread, most bakeries follow suit
1933 toaster sales skyrocketed, thanks to the standardized size of sliced bread
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Toaster Timeline
Toasters impact on us
Toast have made a big impact on people . With out toaster we would be eating burnt toast with breakfast .We would have to microwave waffles
If i could change the toaster . . . .
If i could change the toaster . i would make it where you dont have to wait till the toast pops up. And where you could put any food in the toaster and it would taste good
A Old toaster
Jesus toast dude
^_^ Toast
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