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Defining Interdisciplinary Studies

No description

Marrhacia Francois

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Defining Interdisciplinary Studies

Traditional Disciplines
Natural Sciences
what the world is made of
Social Sciences
explain the human world and how to predict and improve
express Human aspirations, interpret and assess achievements and experience
Contribution to knowledge that is "public, suspectible to critical review and evaluation, and accessible for exchange and use by other members of ones scholarly community." Shulman, 1998, p. 5
Common IDS definition
Enable students and faculty to show sophistication and greater depth on IDS learning
What IDS is not
Multidisciplinary Studies
Fruit Bowl

Interdisciplinary Studies
IDS is a dynamic concept

"Inter" prefix

4 Disciplines

Multidisciplinary vs Interdisciplinary

"Inter"disciplinary Studies
Multidisciplinary Studies
Insights to a common problem rather than simply consulting, IDS integrates to a more comprehensive understanding
Defining Interdisciplinary Studies
Particular Branch of learning or body of knowledge
Interdisciplinary vs Disciplinary
to produce a cognitive advancement in the form of a new understanding, a new product, or a new meaning
Transdisciplinary Studies
The contested space between disciplines

The action taken on disciplinary insights, called integration

The result of integraation that constitutes a cognitive advancement - comprehensive understanding
Engage in the integration

Draws on the aspects of "you have what I need"

Transdisciplinary Studies
concerns that which is at once
the disciplines,
the disciplines, and
all disciplines

ie: Biomedical Tech
Major Premises
- Disciplines are prerequisites and foundations of IDS

- They are starting points that provide different perspectives, concepts theories
Interdisciplinarity Today
Instrumental IDS: Problem Driven and focuses on research and practical problem solving in response to outside factors

Critical IDS: society driven and examines the structure of knowledge and education aiming to transform and raise questions of purpose
Used to describe
The work of integrating knowledge

The work of recognizing and confronting differences

The kind of knowledge produced

Change in knowledge production

Work and Research
Metaphors Commonly Used:
Boundary Crossing - process of moving across knowledge formations to achieve a greater understanding

Bridge Building - borrowing of different tools, methods, steps from various disciplines

Mapmaking - method of displaying info from various disciplines

Bilingualism - Mastery of two complete languages
Fable of the Elephant House
Interior Designer

(page 17)
Diamond Cole
Marrhacia Francois
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