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Ohio State Report by Jace Cowman

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on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Ohio State Report by Jace Cowman

Discover Ohio. . . OHIO Bass Islands
Appalachian Plateau Landforms State Tree: Buckeye Tree Ohio's State Symbols Ohio has many interesting land and water forms that include different kinds of wildlife. It has a many different symbols that represent Ohio’s fascinating history. There are many famous and interesting places to visit. Ohio is a wonderful state! Where is Ohio in the United States? Waterforms Wildlife The Ohio River

Lake Erie Red Fox Bass Wren Places to Visit in Ohio amusement park
in Sandusky Ohio
sits on the Cedar Point Peninsula These are some of the more popular rides located in Canton, Ohio
many people visit this place every year Old Man's Cave is in Hocking Hills, Ohio The waterfall eroded the rock many years ago. There is a cave that sits behind and to the sides of the waterfall. Native Americans built Serpent Mound more than 20,000 years ago. This mound is an ancient burial ground and it is shaped like a giant snake. It is located near the town of Peebles, Ohio. Located in Mason, Ohio
Many people come to visit every year The beast is the longest wooden roller
coaster in the world. Located in Columbus, Ohio
It is considered one of the biggest zoos in the world Columbus Museum of Art
in Columbus, Ohio
showcases many pieces of art showing the history of Ohio in Dayton, Ohio
showcases many aircraft used by the Air Force Columbus is the capital of Ohio
There were two other capitals before Columbus: Chillicothe and Zanesville
The capitol building is called the State House and is made of stone The buckeye nut, this nut is poisonous! State Flower: Scarlet Carnation
State Bird: Cardinal State Seal of Ohio The blue triangle: Ohio's hills and valleys The stripes represent its roads and waterways. The 13 stars represents the original 13 colonies The white circle with red stands for the Buckeye State. Ohio by: Jace Cowman Ten Interesting Things about Ohio 1. Cleveland, Ohio got its name from founder General Moses Cleveland
2. Glaciers carved Ohio in the ice age
3. The first college in the US to admit women in 1839
4. There are more than 50,000 students at Ohio State University
5. From 1870 to mid 1900's more tires were made in Akron than anywhere else in the US
6. 4 civil war cannons are on display outside the Ohio Statehouse
7. 5,000 pieces of hand-cut marble is in the the Statehouse
8. The buckeye seed looks like a "buck's" eye
9. Columbus is the 15th biggest city in the US
10. The buckeye became Ohio's State Tree in 1953 State Motto: "In God we trust."
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