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Copy of K-5 Curriculum

No description

steve zanotti

on 14 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of K-5 Curriculum

K-5 Curriculum

Closing Words...
Log onto the Wi-Fi
Network: __________
Password: __________

Go to this page:

Where are you from?
What are your goals for this workshop?
What excites you about CS in elementary?
CS is FUN!
I can do this!

:D :D :D :D :D

The Lessons - TLO Model
We'll be role-playing as teachers and learners during the lesson. After the modeled lesson, the observer leads a discussion with everyone on the pedagogy of the lesson.
Put your student hat on!
How does this lesson promote the learning goals of this program?

How does it fit in with your goals for your students?

How would you tailor this for your students?
How does this lesson support the development of creativity, problem solving, persistence, collaboration, and communication?

How does it fit in with the previous unplugged lesson?

How would you tailor this for your students?
CS Teaching & Learning Strategies
Summarize the strategy.

How would you implement this in your classroom?
1. Guess and test
2. Draw a map
3. Draw a picture
4. Look for a pattern
5. Compare to a previously solved puzzle
6. Solve a simpler problem
7. Draw a diagram
8. Solve an equivalent problem
9. Identify subgoals
10. Work backwards
CS Vocabulary
Look over the words and discuss in small groups.

Try the matching exercise when you are done.

We'll have Q&A at the end.

See the agenda for more detailed instructions.
Ditch the uniformity!
Don't be a know-it-all!
Take frequent breaks!
Prep for your lesson
Course 1 - The Big Event

Course 2 - Binary Bracelets

Course 3 - Songwriting
Put your teacher hat on!
Teacher Materials
Supplies (markers, etc.)
TLO Reflections
What worked well?

Is there anything you'd do differently?

How would you modify this for your classroom?
Welcome Back!
Thoughts on the session?
Share them on the back channel!

We'll start the lessons at 1:00.
Pizza Rev!
What if...

I liked...
I wish...
The Situation
We can make a difference!
Self Perception:
An interest in puzzles and problem solving and a belief that those skills can be translated to a successful career.
Career Perception:
The familiarity with, and perception of, Computer Science as a career with diverse applications and a broad potential for positive societal impact.
Academic Exposure:
The availability of, and opportunity to participate in, structured (e.g., graded studies) and unstructured (e.g., after-school programs) Computer Science coursework.
Social Encouragement:
Positive reinforcement of Computer Science pursuits from family and peers.
Group norms for this discussion
(from the book “Courageous Conversation about Race”)
Stay engaged
Speak your truth
Experience discomfort
Expect and accept non-closure
Ongoing Support
What kind of support to expect during the academic year from Code.org:

Visit forums and see FAQs on http://support.code.org
Email support@code.org
Visit Office Hours

Challenges ...
... and how we can overcome them!
With Commitment
Eager to
get started
Inspired to bring
about change
More confident
about code
excited, curious
hesitant, brave
mulling over
the many
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