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Sensory Sculpture

No description

Jesse Bradley

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Sensory Sculpture

Sensory Sculpture VA Grade 5
The sculpture process
Use the checklist hand-out to guide your idea and sculpture:
Sculptural idea is creative, unique & original
Plan is either three-dimensional or relief sculpture and recorded.
Materials have been explored and chosen.
Nervous system sense is clearly identifiable by an audience and/or with a provided Artist Statement
Composition is balanced and innovative
Final design is clean and gallery ready
Final design answers the DQ-How is the human experience enriched by our senses?
Take the time to do it right.
You have the unique opportunity to choose materials and the subject for your sculpture. This requires a lot of thought and patience in the development and creation of your work.

Whether working on a team or by yourself, your effort will speak for itself in the final artwork.
Getting Started
Use your class mind maps and Sensory Journals to choose one sense for the focus of your sculpture.
This sense will be the basis of your entire project, choose wisely and take your time!
Once you have chosen one, begin sketching, listing and researching ALL possibilities.
Consider materials and begin experimenting: cardboard, wire or papier mache
What new ways of connecting can you discover?
Artist Spotlight: Bruce Nauman
American Sculptor
Fifteen Pairs of Hands
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