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Renaissance Intro

No description

Scott Phillips

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Intro

What is the Renaissance?
French meaning "rebirth"
Why no feudalism?
Change in military tactics=need full-time soldiers=serfs & vassals paid for work rather than feudal service.
Began in early 1300s-1600s.
Great change from the Middle Ages, no more feudalism
The importance of Ancient Roman and Greek history
Separation of church and state. Only a small separation during the Renaissance.
Belief in the power of humans and society
People can control their destiny. Power to the individual
Studying of various subjects such as history, politics, rhetoric, science, art, etc. (Liberal arts education)
Improving oneself through knowledge
No more feudalism!
Revive forgotten/lost works from Greece & Rome
Great works of art
New ideas!!
Do we have a liberal arts education today?
Is it valuable today? Why or why not?
How do these ideas spread throughout Europe?!
1450s-Johannes Gutenberg perfects the printing press
Ability to copy text using wood blocks and reprint the text
Before printing press, monks/priests would copy the Bible by hand!
Now people have access to information
(Information is power!)
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