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STC Org - CCCP Presentation

Presentation on introducing STC to the CCCP Staff and our progress

Jessy Martinez

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of STC Org - CCCP Presentation

CCCP Presentation Our Journey to STC STEM Transfer Community
(STC) STC Takes Off CCCP Presentation
Prezi by: Jessy Martinez After the STEM Transfer Task Force,
While we agreed space was an issue and that the URC-Sciences provided some support, but it was not enough.
Fellow CCCP Peer Mentors continued this discussion and thought about what we could do to combat the problem
We all decided on creating our own student organization geared toward STEM Transfers
The other UCs have this and more so its time UCLA has this as well STC is born Spring Quarter 2013 Fall Quarter 2013 Haven for STEM Transfer Students

Aid in Transfer Student Success at UCLA

Be a community and inclusive of all STEM Transfer Students

Ensure success during Fall Quarter and give students the confidence to succeed during the rest of their time at UCLA. Our Current Progress We have registered with OrgSync

Drafted/Submitted a constitution

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Diana Azurdia

Created Committees and Chairs

Signatories: Prianna, Jessy, and Sandra

Started Meetings : 5-6 PM Fridays in STOMP Room On Friday, Feb 15 some of the CCCP Peer Mentors were part of the STEM Transfer Task Force

We met with various department chairs, admissions advisers, and academic program directors.

We discussed the STEM SITE 2011 and how it prepared us for UCLA. We discussed the rigor of the quarter system.

Resources are not as readily available until after a student falls

Hard for transfers to make friends in South Campus

Competition is very grade-base Challenges Currently Facing at UCLA How we got started Goals of STC Start Committees / Assign Tasks

Outreach to STEM Transfer Population

Creation of Honors Collegium or Seminar Course for Fall

Establish Connections with other organizations and academic departments

Fundraise Resources Inform transfer students of available resources
Provide community in south campus (like Campbell does in North Campus)
Services such as tutoring and peer mentoring
Aid in Transfer Student Success in South Campus Honors Collegium / Seminar Course Main Focus: Adjusting to UCLA

Student Organization Presentations and Department Resources
Exam Prep / Study Sessions
Assessing Class Performance
Senior Panel Mixer
Graduate School Info
Learning Styles / Maximize Study Time
Stress and Time Management (BRC / CAPS)
Prep for Winter Quarter / Finals Class for Incoming STEM Transfers

Fall Quarter Offered

Honors Collegium 101 Series

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Azurdia

Board Member Facilitator(s)

Weekly Seminars

Alter: Undergraduate Student
Initiated Education (USIE)
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