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Hanane ElSayed

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of HC-3.2

Body Mechanics Chapter 3, lesson 2 Principles of body mechanics Positions and movements used to maintain proper posture and avoid muscle and bone injuries. What is body mechanics? Back injury is the number one injury experienced by healthcare professionals.

Proper body mechanics helps to avoid it. The importance of body mechanics The correct relationship or position of the head, back and limbs.

Avoids unnecessary pressure on the on the natural curves of the back and protects the muscles and ligaments of the back. Body alignment 1) Place your feet flat on the floor, 6 to 10 inches apart.
2) Keep your back straight.
3) Flex your knees slightly. Base of support Related to muscle elasticity Body mechanics failure A measure of how far a muscle will stretch without injury. What is muscle elasticity? 1. Overstretching the muscles.
2. Causes acute strains, sprains disc strains and bulging, disc herniation as well as fatigue. Consequences of failure to use proper body mechanics. Through preventing it by:
1. Exercise.
2. Back support.
3. Healthy diet and weight.
4. Good body mechanics. How to avoid back pain? 1. Good base of support.
2. Use both hands.
3. Face the way you're moving.
4. Avoid unnecessary reaching.
5. Keep your chin up.
6. Keep your shoulders back.
7. Bend at the hips and knees.
8. Avoid twisting your back.
9. Keep the object you're lifting close to your body.
10. Push large objects. Guidelines to proper body mechanics
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