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Renaissance (invention of wallpaper)

No description

24av green

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Renaissance (invention of wallpaper)

The Invention of Wallapaer The First paper mill was astablished in 1496, in England. The English artist decorated wallpaper in many ways They would hand paint them, use stencils, and also used wood-block prints. For the next 200 years England was the main producer of wallapaer Before wallpaper was invented The weathly people would hang woven tapestries on the walls of their castles. The wallpaper would kept the walls warmmer which kept the castle warmmer. These tapestries would tell storys by the drawings. The poor people that couldn't afford tapestries, would hang printed cloth in their walls. These printes would be hand colored by the artist. How the invention of wallpaper influcend the people. Both classes of people were able to afford wallpaper, so both weathy and poor could decorate their home. wallapaper began has a cheap substitute for tapastrie and panaling. In the 1500 the weathly continuted to decorate their walls. But they starte to cover them with velvet and embaced leather. In France Savory des Burlons created a taperstire on Paris for the poorer people that couldn't afford wallpaper. They were used to cover their small huts and shops. Simple wallpapers Their designs just repeaded, which were printed from a single wood block. Complicated Designs This wallpaper contaned much more complocated designs. The actual wallpaper might of contained sheilds, vases, or even flowers. To make this wallpaper they would have to use more then one wood block. Process in creating the wallpaper. First they would print the design on in black While useing a stencil a color was applied to the design. Works Cited http://www.mce.k12th.net/renaissance/inventions.com "Invention of the Renaissance." "Wallpaper." May 11 2011 May 11 2011 http://www.history-magazine/wallpaper.html By: Amanda Vickers
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