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Cuban Missile Crisis

Class lecture - honors

Laura Roselle

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis
John Lewis Gaddis, We Now Know, Rethinking Cold War History (Oxford, 1997)
Kennedy as Weak - Stiles
Kennedy as Provocative
Leaving things out
Ciphered Mikoyan Telegram
Nov. 6, 1962
Dobrynin Cable to USSR Foreign Ministry
October 27, 1962
1961 ---- June 1962-----September----10/15---16-20---22---23---24---26---27---28----Nov 19
The Construction of a History
2 messages
acceptance of the first,
more conciliatory message
Khruschev and
Kennedy agree.
Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis
convincing Castro
tactical nuclear weapons
Media Coverage: What Story to Tell
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