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02.05 Thesis Statement

No description

Sophia Imaizumi

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of 02.05 Thesis Statement

02.05 Thesis Statement
Sophia Imaizumi
Advertising technology can be extremely beneficial and effective when it is marketed to teens because they use those devices more than any age group, and their prodigals when it comes to technology, and then they can make or break a brand
Advertising targets, affects teensURL: https://www.waterloo.k12.ia.us/schoolsites/thespectator/advertising-targets-affects-teens

Advertisers largely target teens because they almost always have money to blow and they have an undeniable hunger for the newest gadgets among other things.
Advertisements aimed at teenagers when it comes to technology is both effective and ethical. According to the articles I researched, teenagers spend the most time using technology out of any age group. It is also ethical because technology is not an inappropriate thing so advertising it to teens is appropriate.
Central Idea Title: Why teens are the most elusive and valuable customers in techURL: http://www.inc.com/issie-lapowsky/inside-massive-tech-land-grab-teenagers.html

Most teens don’t yet really have a specific brand preference and they don’t listen to older generationsmuch anymore, they want to be more individualistic.
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Title: The secrets to Apple’s success in marketing to teenagers URL: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2007/08/the-secrets-to-apples-success-in-marketing-to-teenagers

Apple’s success in selling expensive devices to teenagers and their success in advertising to teenagers
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