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No description

rose mason

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of ADAM

ADAM BY Ted Dekker Published in
Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson, 2008, 288 pages.
Suspense Characters:
Yes the author achieved thi purpose because this book deffently keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.
The writting is effective because it is very discriptive "shifting flame light moved shadows over large railroad ties that supported the sagging ceiling. The large cellar smelled of dead rats and creosote."(264)
i think it connects to real life, it connects because if the dective point of veiw trying to get in to a killers mind.
couldn't put it down

The streangths of this book are;
the suspense
its really convincing

the weaknesses of the book are ;
if your not reading it constently it could get really confusing.

My Favorite part of the book is the ending.
it makes you go uhm.. what?!!??
had to reread some parts of the ending because i couldn't believe it.

In this book there it switchs back and forth from news paper storys to the actual story about Eve . the news paper parts are telling the story about these two kids (jessica and alex) who got kidnapped and excaped and they are trying to build a new life for theirselfs. the rest of the book is about a killer named Eve who goes around and kills women with a "disease" that no one knows of. Dan the detective is trying to catch him before he kills again, when they found the 16th body dan runs into Eve and Eve shoots him but Lori saves him. When Dan is dead he sees a little boy in his head who calls him self Eve.... Dan does some unexpected things to catch Eve and save his ex wife who was kidnapped because Dan wouldn't stop chasing Eve. spine-tingler Gloomy I would really recommend this book because it has a good story line, its interesting, twisted and the supence makes you want to keep reading. For teens and up If i could talk to the author i would ask him what was going through his mind when thinking of the story line and why all the twists.
this book is a read to your self kind of book because someparts need to be reread in your head and some parts need to be pictured in your head so you have to pay attention to the discription words.
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