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When to make a new paragraph

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Iliana Valdez

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of When to make a new paragraph

When to make a new paragraph...

It helps the reader know :

when you started a new topic
when you skipped to a new time
when you changed the setting and/or place
when a new person begins to speak
New Paragraphs in stories...
Why is it important to write in paragraphs?
It helps organize all the ideas you have!
New Topic:
You write paragraphs based on topics mainly when you write essays.
New Time:
Organizing paragraphs based on times are used for short stories. If you use phrases like:
The next day
Later on
A few hours/days later
This time
Its a good place to start a new paragraph.
New Place
Start a new paragraph when you change the setting of the story or write about a place different then where your story originally started. If you use phrases like:
At my school
Down the street
Back at Aunt Milly's
In swim class
you can start a new paragraph, writing about whatever happens in the new setting.
New Speaker:
Start a new paragraph when another character speaks. This helps the focus of your story switch to someone other then the narrarator.Any actions that character makes should be included.

*Remember to use quotation marks!
For example:
- "The Misfits" uses a lot of these paragraphs
see page 147
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