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Senior Year: English Ms. Buchta 181

No description

Kelly Buchta

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Senior Year: English Ms. Buchta 181

Senior Year: English Room 181
Kelly E. Buchta
Adjunct Professor, Ramapo College
Student Council Advisor, Graduation Coordinator, NHS Faculty Council, FDU Middle College instructor, Academic Integrity Council, Google team member
Senior Year
Last year of high school...many firsts
College applications, essays, life paths
Fun times, busy times
Academic credits, sports, music, play, club, activities, family, service, work
Open lunch/study hall
Senior Seminar
Transition of learning styles
Course Items
British and World Literature that is aligned with NJCCCS
Focus on Literary Analysis via reading, writing and speaking
Literature textbooks with online resources
Prentice Hall British Literature (CP/H)
Perrine Sound and Sense (AP Lit Comp)
Classic and Modern Novels to supplement textbook
Trifecta of Literature, Arts, Philosophy- a Humanities approach to learning
Annotating text/close reading/modern connections
Socratic Seminars for classroom engagement
Literary Triad- long length research paper
Capstone Project- final project
AP Exam- May (AP Lit Comp)
Organizational Items
Attendance/Late Work policy/Extra Help
3 days to make up work/partner with Guidance as needed
Check Classroom for work/ownership on student
Extra Help as needed- 2:30pm-3:00pm or by appointment
Communication: Genesis, email, meetings
Google GAFE: Classroom/Gmail/Drive/Docs/Chromebooks
Use Apps for keeping it all together: find a style that works
Deadlines appear quickly; stay on track and focused
Hone time management skills for success and work ethic
EHS Resources
Guidance classroom visits/ appointments
Student Assistance Counselor
Media Center for research/ study
Study Hall- work over extended lunch
Extra help
NHS free peer to peer tutor service
Class participation
Group collaboration/study sessions
Kelly E. Buchta
Twitter: @britlitbuchta

Period 2 Co-Teacher
Ken Tufford

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