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Watt and ML


dj maclin

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Watt and ML

What is MarkLogic? "MarkLogic Server is an XML Server that provides the agility you need to build and deploy next-generation information applications..." - www.MarkLogic.com =
XML Database collection of data What are we doing with Marklogic? What could we do in the future? Structured Data

etc. Unstructured Data

Text =

structured data + unstructured data = flexibility Smithfield Foods Inc., America's top hog producer and parent of Patrick Cudahy Inc. in Cudahy, is talking turkey with an offer to acquire a majority stake in Butterball LLC. Murphy-Brown Holdings, a Warsaw, N.C.-based affiliate of Smithfield Foods Inc., has placed a bid to buy a majority stake in Garner, N.C.-based Butterball LLC on Thursday for a price reported to be in the $200 million range.Murphy-Brown issued a buy-or-sell ultimatum, saying it would either sell its minority stake, or would purchase Maxwell Farms' 51 percent majority stake. The two are expected to come to an agreement on Butterball LLC by September, with the deal finalized later this year. Maxwell Farms, a Goldsboro, N.C.-based majority owner of Butterball LLC, will need to figure out if it wants to sell its majority stake in the turkey company or own the whole company.“Our desire is to be the buyer of Butterball LLC, which is the strongest brand in the turkey industry,” Maxwell President Walter Pelletier said. “We believe in the long-term business outlook of Butterball, and we are currently pursuing several opportunities that will allow us to proceed with our desire to be the buyer of Butterball LLC.” Data Enrichment + Dynamic content delivery Enriching news articles scraped from the web A set of linguistic, statistical, and machine learning techniques that brings out the "hidden" meaning of data. Automatically delivers content based on the enriched values. XML was designed to store data about data www.MarkLogic.com Any Questions? <car model="Ford" color="red">
</car> <animal>Cat</animal> <phone number>888-888-9898</phone number> <movie released-year="2010">Toy Story 3</movie> Rows and Columns Create relationships between data Deliver location-based information Freedom to send data to multiple sources Dynamically present content based on user data Track the growth of diseases based on news frequency Quickly release products into the market Graphically and dynamically present data in charts and graphs Content can be delivered by email, text messages, rss feeds, web services, blogs, and more
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