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Jaclyn Rosen

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Gatsby

“He went to her house, at first with other officers from Camp Taylor, then alone. It amazed him—he had never been in such a beautiful house before. But what gave it an air of breathless intensity was that Daisy lived there—it was as casual a thing to her as his tent out at camp was to him.”
- The Great Gatsby
"He knew a girl like Daisy would never waste her time with a penniless young man, so he began to create a character, which he pursued until the day of his death."
“They frequently incorporate the theme of food obsession into their pitch. The Sugar Free Jell-O Pudding campaign exemplifies a typical commercial strategy for exploiting women’s eating problems while obscuring their dark realities. In the “tip of my tongue” ad, the obsessive mental state of the compulsive eater is depicted fairly accurately, guaranteeing recognition from people with that problem.”
- Susan Bordo
After years of feeling pressure by the media around them, more women have become compulsive consumers...
“He had deliberately given Daisy a sense of security; he let her believe that he was a person from much the same strata as herself—that he was fully able to take care of her. As a matter of fact, he had no such facilities—he had no comfortable family standing behind him and he was liable at the whim of an impersonal government to be blown anywhere about the world.”
- The Great Gatsby
Gatsby lived a life of extravagance—but for one main purpose: Daisy.
“And on Mondays eight servants including an extra gardener toiled all day, with mops and scrubbing-brushes and hammers and garden shears, repairing the ravages of the night before.”
- The Great Gatsby
“It feels like I’m supposed to play some game…”
- Ben from The Graduate
Gatsby also plays a game.
He knows Daisy expects the best, and when he finally reunites with her, he flaunts his “stuff."
By being too concerned with appearances and rekindling a lost love that was never meant to be, he never learns the true meaning of life.
What he saw around him influenced him to change,
like our media today influences people to change
Boys call you sexy (What's up, sexy) And you don't care what they say See, everytime you turn around They scream your name

Now I've got a confession When I was young I wanted attention And I promised myself that I’d do anything Anything at all for them to notice me

But I ain't complaining We all wanna be famous So go ahead and say what you wanna say You know what it's like to be nameless Want them to know what your name is Cause see when I was younger I would say
When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies When I grow up I wanna see the world Drive nice cars I wanna have groupies When I grow up Be on TV People know me Be on magazines When I grow up Fresh and clean Number one chick when I step out on the scene

Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it You just might get it You just might get it

I see them staring at me Oh I'm a trendsetter Yes this is true 'cause what I do, no one can do it better You can talk about me Cause I'm a hot topic I see you watching me, watching me, and I know you want it
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