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Bouchra Bnk

on 15 April 2013

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1)What are customer personas ? A customer persona is the representation of behaviours (and goals) of a group of characters representing a type of potential buyers in a demographic, attitude and behaviour set. In this case they are end users; to compare they are characters buying a long time after the early adopters. We pointed out 3 customer personas: parent, young professional and the teen. For Steve, who needs to send his professional’s pictures to his clients directly, PicDeck is the ideal product that will get him to not lose a step in the market. Unlike his current digital camera which is too cumbersome to carry, PicDeck will provide him an easier way to send those pictures directly from his cellphone to his clients. Case Study:ONTELA PICDECK (A) 3)Based on the feature/benefit analysis, what positionning statement are likely to be appropriate for each of the customer ? For Sarah, who needs to empty her cameras memory, PicDeck is the perfect product for her that will help her to do it easily without asking anyone. Unlike her current camera phone which is too complicated for her because it’s taking her too long, PicDeck is quicker and easier to use.
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