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Chemical and Physical Changes

No description

Casie King

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Chemical and Physical Changes

Chemical and Physical Changes
How can we identify chemical and physical changes in matter?
What is a chemical change?
A chemical change happens when one kind of matter changes into a different kind of matter.
What is a physical change?
A physical change occurs when matter changes the way it looks without becoming a new kind of matter.
Now, let us learn more about chemical and pysical changes in matter.
Testing Your Knowledge
Directions: Take out a piece of paper and number it 1 through 10. Write
if the change is
. Write
if the change is

Cooking eggs
Baking bread
Metal rusting
Burning wood
Cutting fruit
Freezing water
Painting a wall
Chopping wood
1. a metal pipe rusting
2. folding a shirt
3. burning wood
4. freezing a glass of water
5. cutting an orange
6. baking bread
7. cooking an egg
8. painting your bedroom
9. using gasoline in a car
10. ripping your jeans
Chemical Changes
Physical Changes
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