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Aarushi Aggarwal

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Physics

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Distance vs Time Loop 1 Velocity vs Time Conservation of Momentum The Batman By: Sunjoli, Christine, and Sindhu Prepare to be amazed... Batman History and Stats The ride was introduced in 1999. Its top speed is 50 mph and the ride is almost 11 stories tall. The rider must be at least 54 inches in order to ride. The ride also has a restraints for the safety of the riders. http://www.sixflags.com/overTexas/rides/BatmanTheRide.aspx Meet the loops... Loop 1 1.1 meters Loop 2 1.1 meters Loop 2 Loop 1 Loop 1 Loop 2 Forces of Loops in General m=6.702 m= -3.485 Fn Fg mass Fn Fg mass Normal Force Felt on the Rider - Loop 1 Top of the Loop:
Fn= Fc - Fg
Fn= mv^2/r - mg
Fn= -9.87N Bottom of the Loop:
Fc = Fn - Fg
Fn= Fc + Fg
Fn= mv^2/r + mg
Fn=1355.05N Normal Forces felt on the Rider - Loop 2 Top of the Loop: Bottom of the Loop
Avg Person = 110lbs
110lbs = 50kg Estimations Loggerpro calculated the radius. We looked at the graph to find the instantaneous velocity. Conservation of Energy - Loops in General K Ug + K Calculated Energy - Loop 1 Kinetic Energy
=2626.5625J Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy
= mgh + .5mv^2
= 7026.9J Calculated Energy - Loop 2 Loop 1 p=mv
p=486.5 kg*m/s p=mv
p=450 kg*m/s p=mv
p=1,280.5 kg*m/s Loop 2 Fc=Fn+Fg
Fn= Fc - Fg
Fn= mv^2/r - mg
Fn= 403.58 -490= -86.42N
Fc = Fn - Fg
Fn= Fc + Fg
Fn= mv^2/r - mg
Fn=893.58 N Kinetic Energy
=9025J Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy
= mgh + .5mv^2
= 5281.58J p=mv
p=950 kg*m/s p=mv
p=300 kg*m/s p=mv
p=(50)( 12.14)
p=607 kg*m/s In Conclusion... Works Cited http://www.sixflags.com/overTexas/rides/BatmanTheRide.aspx http://mundelein.suntimes.com/photos/19984346-455/six-flags-backwards-batman-ride-gives-an-intense-thrill.html http://carstainment.com/symbols/symbols-of-love-wallpaper-download-free-symbols-of-love-wallpaper.html
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