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Harriet the Spy

My sixth seventh grade book report

Divad 42

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Harriet the Spy

Harriet the
Spy by Louise Fitzhugh y Harriet the
SPY is a realistic fiction book about a girl who spies on various people. If you like books about realistic semi-adventures, spying, or secrecy; you should read this book. FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!! Actually, this is impossible because the Earth doesn't have a face since it is a sphere. "This book may or may not have something to do with my mother..." -Joe J. Smith "I enjoyed this book, even though it was not particularly my favorite genre." -David P. Carey Do not look away from your screen or a bomb will remove this country Thanks for watching!!! Main Characters Harriet: The main protagonist, Harriet Welsch, writes down her every thought in her notebook, which she carries with herself at all times. Sport: Harriet's best friend, Simon "Sport" Rocque, is a regular boy who helps with his family's finances. Janie: Janie Gibbs is Harriet's second-best friend. She has a science lab in her bedroom and plans to blow up the world one day. Ole Golly: Harriet's nanny, Catherine Golly, is the person Harriet looks up to and follows the example of the most. Marion Hawthrone, Beth Ellen, and Carrie Andrews: Three girls, the main antagonists, who are the stereotypical girls in Harriet's class. Setting Harriet the Spy takes place in eastern New York City in the early 1960's. This book was written and published in the early 1960's and was considered modern at that time. Point of View Louise Fitzhugh wrote this book in the third person focused on Harriet, as used in this sentence: As Harriet looked back at her work she suddenly saw a glint of white sticking out of her jumper pocket. Evaluation I thought this book was an excellent book. However, I can't compare it very well to any other book I've read. Summary Harriet the Spy is about a girl called Harriet who often spies on people. She has an otherwise normal life and is happy and content. One day, Old Golly becomes engaged to her boyfriend and leaves Harriet's home. Only days later, her classmates find her journal and read through it only to find all her secrets about them. What will they do to Harriet? Will she get her friends back? How does the react to what they do to her? Read the book to find out. Vocabulary fink an unpleasant or contemptible person.
"'He's not a fink like most doctors'" cretin a stupid person
"She wouldn't explain but instead called everyone a cretin who asked her." scallion a long-necked onion with a small bulb
"'I am trying to feel like an onion. The closest I can get is a scallion.'" THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN TO ENTERTAIN THE READER WITH AN ADVENTURE STORY OF AN ELEVEN-YEAR OLD GIRL SPY. Conclusion This was an interesting book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys realistic fiction or random journal writing. If you found the hidden 'y', write the country it is in along with your favorite foreign country in the comments below
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