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The Invention of the Elevator

No description

Elizabeth Yockel

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The Invention of the Elevator

Betsy Weich and Elizabeth Yockel
IED, Period 3 The Invention of The Elevator The Impact
Society Positives:
Elevators allowed the building of skyscrapers, without them it would be hard to travel to the top
An alternative to stairs when one is carry something or needs to get a large item upstairs Negatives:
Elevators can use a lot of energy and be expensive
They constantly break down
Can be slow and make many stops 1853 The Beginnings
The 1st "safety elevator" was first introduced in 1853 by Elisha Graves Otis at a convention in New York
Had a safety mechanism that prevented it from crashing
Steam Powered
It was patented on January 15th, 1861
The 1st elevator was installed in a New York department store in 1857 Disciplines Of Engineering
This invention is an example of mechanical engineering
Mechanical Engineers work to design, build, and improve anything with a mechanical process like the elevator Elisha Graves Otis patented the first safety brake for passenger elevators 1887 Alexander Miles patented the automatic elevator door system How they have changed
The 1st Otis elevator was 1st steam powered and only for cargo
In 1857 Otis debuted the 1st Passenger Safety Steam-Powered Elevator
The electric elevator was invented in 1880 Werner von Siemens, a German engineer
In 1903 Otis introduced a gear less traction elevator 1.Elevator history- Invention of the Elevator. (2007, March 27). Retrieved
September 13, 2012, from The Great Idea Finder website:
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4.Seamus, J. (2010, September 16). The Other Elevator Inventor. Retrieved September 13, 2012, from NOVA website: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/tech/elevator-inventor.html 1861 Steam Elevator
is patented 1880 electric elevator built 1870 1900 1910 rope-geared hydraulic introduced 1845 Sir William Thompson patented the hydraulic crane 1894 push button controls introduced 1904 gearless feature makes faster speeds possible 1915 automatic levelling introduced 1950 automatic group-supervisory systems in service 1932 double deck elevator demostrated 1940 elevators started installing emergency phones 1909
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