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Who am I?

No description

Richard Smith

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Who am I?

A Gamer...
In every sense
An Artist...
Interested in graphical art...
Read to me by Jane Yolen.
Read to me riddles and read to me rhymes
Read to me stories of magical times
Read to me tales about castles and kings
Read to me stories of fabulous things
Read to me pirates and read to me knights
Read to me dragons and dragon-book fights
Read to me spaceships and cowboys and then
When you are finished- please read them again.
Who am I?
Name: Richard Smith
Age: 19
Occupation: ...
Personality: ...
computer games...
riddles and brainteasers...
Chuck Anderson
inspirational influences...
...leading to illustration.
in concept art and computer graphics
and comic/book illustration
installation pieces
pen and ink
A Sportsman?
A Reader...
Rock climbing...
Sort of...
wind surfing...
And when i can...
Water activity's in...
Snow in...
favorites being...
... and whats next?
A Job?
Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still
Again sort of...
Creator: Richard Smith
Subject: me :)
Produced for creative media as a 'my first prezi'.
All credit for photos/pictures/video/music to there respective owners.
Who am I: introduce self
A Gamer: Describe games of interest, and talk about 'people' games. Hand out sheets.
An Artist: Describe slide and talk about Chuck.
A Sportsman?: Describe slide, point out Newburn, talk about places i have been to do activateys, talk about Chris Shama.
A Reader: Describe slide, talk about Terry Prachit
A Listener: Describe...
And whats next?: Describe slide, talk about shiprock, Meteora, and skiing aspirations.
What is it that you can keep after giving it to someone else?
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