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AAHA Accreditation

No description

Derek Nagy

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of AAHA Accreditation

What is AAHA Accreditation?
Benefits to Accreditation
How AAHA is Educating the Public
What it means and how it can help your practice
AAHA Accreditation
Founded in 1933 and focused on promoting high standards in the veterinary industry
How are standards developed?
Accredited Members
Industry Experts
Member Feedback
Statistical Analysis
Peer Reviews
Board Recommendations
The Standards of Accreditation
Quality of Care
Diagnostics and Pharmacy
Medical Records
Practice Management
Increased Profitability
Industry Benefit
Obstacles to Accreditation
Accreditation is Expensive
My facility will not allow me to become accredited
My customers do not know what AAHA is, nor do they care
We don't need to be accredited, we already practice at a high level
I am not 100 percent ready
AAHA Awareness Campaign
Social Media Campaign
"Our veterinary practice team prides ourselves on practicing the best medicine and customer service possible. AAHA accreditation helps us to stay on track and keep us informed on what we need to stay on top. AAHA accreditation is also a great way to validate what we do. If it is an AAHA standard and we practice it, then we know we are doing a good job for our clients, patients, and team."

Karen Shrake
Gibraltar Veterinary Hospital, Michigan
AAHA Accreditation can:
Streamline your business operations
Improve your practice's productivity
Increase the morale of your staff
Increase your bottom line
In the 2013-14 fiscal year, the renewal rate among AAHA-Accredited practices was 98.5%. Over a 10-year period, renewal rates in that category are between 98 and 98.5 percent.
To enhance the abilities of veterinarians to provide quality medical care to companion animals

To enable veterinarians to successfully conduct their practices and maintain their facilities with high standards of excellence

To meet the public’s needs as it relates to the delivery of small-animal veterinary medicine
Help Us Help You Realize the Value of AAHA
Merchant Processing
Affinity Programs
Wells Fargo Challenge 7/1 - 9/30, 2014
39 Practice Reviews Completed

90% of AAHA practices saved money
Average Savings - $4,619 per year
12 practices saved over $5,000 per year
7 practices saved over $10,000 per year
Fiscal Year 2012-13

1181 practices earned $50 or more through Power of 3 Rebates

Average Power of 3 Rebates
(for those earning > or = $50)
Improved Staff Morale
Total Income 2013
Median Average
Accredited Member $1,153,900 $1,711,102
Nonaccredited Member $1,019,008 $1,220,540
Nonmember $653,963 $902,544

Income Per Veterinarian Hour
Median Average
Accredited Member $256 $260
Nonaccredited Member $241 $229
Nonmember $196 $199
Source: Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints, Eighth Edition, 2014
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