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Cars/Trucks of the 1960s connecting to The Outsiders Novel

No description

Joshua Wood

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Cars/Trucks of the 1960s connecting to The Outsiders Novel

Cars/Trucks of the 60's Connecting to The Outsiders novel To be an "outsider" is to be someone or something that is excluded from a certain group. Some examples of "outsiders" are the Japanese-Americans during WW2, Women in America before the Equal Rights Amendment, and in The Outsiders, the people known as Greasers.
Other examples of outsiders from fictional books are in the Harry Potter series in which the Half-Bloods (Half wizard half Muggle) are shunned by the Pure-Bloods. (Pure wizard) And in The Hunger Games, the 13 districts of Panem are regarded as inferior by the rich citizens of the Capitol. Definition of "Outsider" Outsider/Greaser Cars Cars are a source of power for the "Socs". Cars allow the "Socs" to travel faster than Greasers, giving them an advantage. Some popular "Soc" cars are the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Corvair. Popular/Soc Cars Gas Prices of the 60's Greasers generally did not own cars, but people like Steve and Sodapop have a connection to cars, working at the gas station, and that gives them a knowledge of the object that gives the "Socs" power. Cars may have been an effective weapon for the "Socs", but its effectiveness came with a price. Gas prices were around 31 cents a gallon in the 60s. Back then 31 cents was a lot. Cars of the 60's Back in the 1960's cars were around 3,000 for a really good Soc. car. Greaser cars would be more affordable and worn down. Such as around the few hundreds to about a thousand. Back then that would have been lots of money for a car compared to todays car prices. e.g. the 1949 Mercury was a greaser favorite. Car Price Comparisons Soc's were a higher class so they had more money and they could afford some of the nicer more expensive cars, as opposed to the greasers. e.g. A Mustang, or maybe a 1967 OldsMobile Delta 88.
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