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Saturn... "The Coolest Planet in the Solar System!"

No description

Elayna Peck

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Saturn... "The Coolest Planet in the Solar System!"

"Dare to own the Coolest Planet in the Solar System!"

Patrick's Premium Planets
6 Tucker Street
Annapolis, Md 21401

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun
Jupiter is the closest planet to saturn
Saturn is 890 million miles from Earth
Saturn is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium
Saturn has a small rocky core which may be made of liquid
Saturn is about 72,000 miles in diameter
Saturn is 933 million miles from the sun
1 Saturn day is 10.7 hours
1 Saturn year is equal to 29 Earth years
There at least 53 moons but there could be up to 150 moons on Saturn
Weather Report
Living Essentials
The galaxy's best ice skating rings!
So much radiation here that you are sure to glow with excitement!
Saturn's Myths
Saturn was named after the Roman god, Saturn - the god of harvest and agriculture
Saturn's symbol represents the god's sickle
Interesting Discoveries about Saturn
Cool Saturn Facts:
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