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Management Skills

No description

Lisa Li

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Management Skills

Team Management
The Skills You Need to be a Great Boss
What is management, exactly?
And how does it differ from leadership?
Motivating Your Team
Manage Discipline
Does the issue affect the quality of the employee's deliverable to the client ?
2.Does the issue adversely impact the cohesiveness of the team?
3.Does the issue unnecessarily undermine the interests of other individuals in the team?
The Importance of Delegation
Successful delegation starts with matching people and tasks, so you first need to explain what your team's role and goals are.
Team Management Skills
Communicating and Working Together
Communicating and working with people in your group
Developing Your Team
Running effective meeting
Active listening

Communicating and working with people outside your team
Understand your boss fully
Ask coach or mentor you
Look after and Protect your team
Manage the way you team interacts with other group
Traps to Avoid
•Thinking that you can rely on your existing job knowledge and technical skills to succeed as a manager.
•Failing to consult regularly with your boss, in a misguided attempt to show that you can cope on your own
•Approaching your boss without having thought a problem through, and without having considered how the problem could be solved
•Embarrassing your boss, or letting her get a nasty surprise
•Doing anything that requires your boss to defend you to others
•Failing to talk to your customers (whether internal or external) about what they want from yourself and your team
•Using your authority inappropriately – make sure that everything you ask people to do is in the interests of the organization
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