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Engage, Grow, Inspire – educating middle schoolers in the digital age

Presentation by Carolyn Stuart to the MYSA Conference - 28 May 2012

Carolyn Stuart

on 1 August 2011

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Transcript of Engage, Grow, Inspire – educating middle schoolers in the digital age

Five ICT Trends

1. Changed motivators and behaviours as a result
of the digital age

2. The proliferation of smaller, cheaper and
individualised computing devices

3. Cloud computing

4. Online environments which facilitate greater
collaboration, communication and connection

5. Increasing bandwidth and speed Autonomy
Purpose http://www.tawaint.school.nz Our effective pedagogy for middle years' learners :
relies on strong relationships with students and effective management strategies
has a high commitment towards engaging students in learning
scaffolds the independent learning process
uses humour to engage students and diffuse conflict
fosters leadership potential and exposes students to new responsibilities
involves a lot of physical acitivity
provides opportunities for peer interaction with an option of space for independence
solves problems collaboratively with students
caters for a wide range of academic, physical and emotional needs
teacher modelling of expectations
a holistic approach to learning with variety to cater for the whole child. Group Reflection:
Talk with 3-4 others about your thinking from this workshop.
Co-construct a question you want to ask of the group In what ways have digital technologies contributed to your need for:
mastery and
purpose? http://myportfolio.school.nz http://www.tawaint.school.nz Individual Reflection
What does this workshop invite me to change:
as an educator
in my school
How might I influence our system? Engage Grow Inspire -educating middle schoolers in the digital age
Carolyn Stuart
MYSA 2011 In what ways might digital technologies meet our middle years learners' need for:
mastery and
purpose? Virtual Community
shared documents e-Portfolios
organising learning
recording learning journeys
showcasing learning Blogs
the classroom window to the world Googledocs -
Collaboration in the classroom
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