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Amber Huber

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

This novel is very similar to a fairytale, there are poor people, rich people, a hero, a villain or something evil, and two people that fall in love.
There are many quotes that support this statement and show how The Hunger Games is similar to a fairytale.

Katniss Everdeen is a hero because she volunteered as tribute so her younger sister, Prim, would not have to fight in the hunger games; Katniss' exact words were, "I volunteer as tribute!"

Katniss and Peeta fall in love with each other and there are multiple quotes in this book that show their love for one another. Peeta once said to Katniss, "I woke up and you were gone... I was worried about you," and Katniss once said to Peeta, "no more kisses for you until you've eaten."
The Capitol is where all of the rich people live and where President Snow lives. The Capitol is seen to be evil and too powerful among the districts because of their laws and the creation of the hunger games. Quotes that support the idea of the capitol being rich include: "we'll need strong anti-infection drugs form the Capitol. I can't imagine the cost of such potent medicine," and "they have not quite captured the magnificence of the glistening buildings in a rainbow of hues that tower into the air, the shiny cars that roll down the wide paved streets, the oddly dressed people with bizarre hair and painted faces who have never missed a meal."
A quote that supports the idea of the Capitol being evil and too powerful is, "... this is the Capitol's way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy,"

District twelve, where Katniss and Peeta live, is the poorest district in Panem, they do not have hot water and most people that live there starve to death because they do not have enough money to buy food. Two quotes that support this statement are, "district twelve, where you can starve to death in safety," and "we don't have hot water at home, unless we boil it."
The Hunger Games relates to Beowulf in multiple ways, they have many similarities and differences.

Katniss and Beowulf are very similar.

They put people before themselves, for example Katniss volunteered as tribute so her sister would not have to be tribute and Beowulf put his life in danger by fighting off a monster to save a village of people.

They both keep their promises and never give up; Katniss promised her sister, Prim, that she would try to win the hunger games for her, not only did she try but she succeeded. Beowulf promised King Hrothgar that he would kill Grendel, so he did. Not only did Beowulf kill Grendel, but he also killed Grendel's mother.

Katniss and Beowulf also have a few differences.

Katniss has to fight off other people while Beowulf has to fight off a monster.

Beowulf has an army helping him fight off Grendel but Katniss has no one helping her fight off the other twenty three tributes.

Similarities Continued

Both authors write in the favor of the morally good character.

A motif that occurs in both writings is that you have to keep fighting no matter how many challenges or setbacks are sent your way.

Differences Continued

Both authors have different styles of writing because they are from two different time periods.

The settings are very different in these two writings; Beowulf occurs in a village in Denmark and The Hunger Games occurs in a forest in the middle of no where that was made by the Capitol.

The Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss that volunteered as tribute so her younger sister, Prim, would not have to fight and die in the games. While in the hunger games Katniss and Peeta, her fellow tribute from district 12, fell in love and both became victors from district 12.
If I had to compare myself to one of the characters, I would say I am most similar to Gale; Gale is Katniss' only friend in district 12. I am similar to Gale because we both support and defend our friends and family. We do not show our feelings very often but when we do they are very strong, we also care deeply about the ones around us and would never betray them.
I would give this book 5 stars. It was spectacular and I would recommend it to everyone. It was action packed enough for guys to enjoy it, but it also had enough romance for girls to enjoy it. I think everyone that reads this book will agree with me and love it just as much as I do.
The Hunger Games

By: Suzanne Collins
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